Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • @Dalien-Smith yeah I completely agree with you, United are so lacking in terms of the striker department and it is their own fault, Ole came out and said though that they didn't find the right striker and didn't want to sign someone who they weren't 100% sure on- which if it's true is fair enough, but the big test will be if he tries to fix the problem in January. I was just disagreeing with you saying they don't think he's ready and he isn't getting big minutes he's played in 196 minutes out of the last 270 he's been available for which is probably more minutes than most of the hyped youngsters will get all season, I personally believe United are handling him very well (not sure about every other player at the club though!)

  • @ChazFI123 I personally dont think Grenwood is ready right now to be so high up the pecking order. Someone at United thinks he was hence why we are where are. The Mandzukic rumours were around in the last window but I understand they couldnt agree terms. If the Croat had signed that would have been far more ideal for Greenwood. Greenwood is so close to having to be the main man up front. I think he should be impact off the bench at this stage in his career.

  • @Dalien-Smith I think (touch wood) he'll be fine, Martial should be back and Rashford hopefully will pull out the England squad to try sort whatevers up with him (physically and mentally). So that should mean that Greenwood will be able to start Europa games and cup games whilst not having to play much in the Premier League, that's all assuming Ole does something in January on the striker front

  • Massive drop in price tonight. United managed not one shot on target. Poor Greenwood looks out of his depth now. I hope this doesn't affect him long term. He's been thrown in deep end. United in desperate need of another striker. I wouldn't rule out Zlatan. Good strikers are not freely available in January.

  • @Dalien-Smith Zlatan or Mandzukic are the main two being mentioned, probably because one is out of contract soon and the other out of favour.
    Might only be temporary fixes before bringing someone else in in the summer but they definitely need something asap. And it's not as if they haven't gone for the older striker before to help them out (Zlatan last time) and even when they were one of the best teams in the country e.g. Henrik Larsson.

  • The problem with Greenwood is these other so called wonder kids such as Martinelli, Haaland, Malen, Saka etc are producing the goods albeit in decent sides.

    At Greenwoods price he has to deliver and he was always shielded from dropping in price because his price was held up by hype but now the hype is over and prospective buyers want him to produce the goods.
    Just a shame that he is in a poor side that create virtually nothing for him.

    Who would you buy at the moment Greenwood? or one of those other wonder kids that are doing it on the pitch and are much cheaper.

  • That really is it.

    He price was held up before because of what he COULD be - now he's playing & not doing anything bad, but not doing anything spectacular either.

    People are looking at the £4.50+ price & thinking "hold on, he's only 20p less than Harry Kane"

    Doing "OK" is not enough.

    Not blaming it all on the poor lad, he's only just 18 & Rashford has been worse!

    But we had no shots on goal tonight for the first in our history in this competition.

    It's shocking.

  • @Ericali Greenwood at £4.50? or Zlatan at 50p😉

  • It's going to have to be a stop gap solution. I've heard Callum Wilson mentioned. Just can't see that in January unless they offer silly money but on tonight's evidence there need is desperate you never know. It's between Mandzukic and Zlatan with Mandzukic in the driving seat I'd say but he's played hard to get before.

  • Just watched the 'highlights' from their game v AZ tonight.
    OGS churning out the same crap after the match about being pleased with the performance and they should have won blah blah blah.
    Would be refreshing if he actually said it how it is.
    Although Owen Hargreaves is wrong about the AZ claim for a penalty. Yes, it was a foul by Fred but it happened before the corner was taken so no way it could (should) have been given as the ball wasn't in play.

  • I don't know why he's not occasionally picking the ball up deep and running at players like he did so well in the youth, can only remember him attempting it when he did those stopovers/shot vs southampton, he's also doing the easy pass backwards too much instead of turning and committing players, I blame Ole 🤣. The drop is shit but we've seen he can finish when he get's the chance and I'm sure there's plenty more to come.

  • Would you sell Greenwodd on the next uplift of you were 59p up per share?? Or hold on for the ride?

  • Greenwood looks 1 or 2 pound overpriced at present. It's not necessarily that he's poor it's in part due to the fact the United team as a whole aren't creating loads.

  • At £4.50 odd I’d rather buy KDB or Kane tbh. You’d have to be mad to buy Greenwood, way too expensive

  • @gball1975 depends what your plan was mate? Did you want long term hold? Or are you satisfied with the amount of profit you currently have ? I’m personally holding long term

  • With Martial now starting to return I feel Greenwood may have missed an opportunity to cement a place in the side. He's been ok without threatening the goal so much. Manchester United continue to be linked with Strikers. Cavani is the latest one I've seen as he is in his final contract year.

    My assessment at this stage is he's not quite ready for the Man utd first team and would maybe benefit from a loan.

  • He should have gone out on loan, the lad needs game and minutes.
    Utd fucked up and should have bought an experienced striker in.
    Maybe in Jan they get a loan for 6 months and send greenwood out on loan to get games, complete waste of a talent doing nothing.
    Its also to much pressure for him to being in an average team at 18 imo.

  • I personally am glad he's getting further away from the first team, let him play in the Europa League and the League Cups for this season and maybe even next season. Don't think many people realistically thought he was going to become United's first choice striker this season. I disagree that he should go out on loan, be patient with him he's just turned 18, if that's the case then should Brewster/Parrott etc go out on loan? There's no rush to get him game time, he's only just turned 18 don't think sending him to the Championship would do anything for him. I think when United eventually bring an experienced striker in Greenwood will benefit the most from it, someone to learn off and it means that Ole won't have to turn to an 18 year to try and change the game from him. He will be able to develop and get introduced into the team as an 18 year old should be.

  • So far...Brewster sold 2 weeks ago, Parrott went yesterday...just waiting for Greenwood and Gomes to sell from the que now then I will have a nice tidy amount (all at profit to clarify) to put into the season / Euro's players!!! Hopefully they will either go or get a small spike on Thursday.

  • @Tom77 He's seems to be now in a place where he is too good for youth but not quite good enough for first team. It's poor summer planning for me. He got some time at the back end of last season but there was nothing there to suggest he could be the clubs no 2 choice striker. How they've allowed this is baffling for a club of their size.

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