Mason Greenwood- Time To Deliver?

  • Alan Hansen was right all those years ago when he said "you won't win anything with kids" - he wasn't talking about Man Utd at the time, he was on about dividends!

  • I think after last night Foden is probably the favourite out of Brewster, Greenwood, Parrott etc to break into the first team isn't he ?

    From what i saw he looked really lively, all over the park in their half

  • @ScouseSte 100%, he's been around the first team for 2 years now, plus he's older so I think he's a lot more developed. Will be first choice starting from next season I think. This lad is 100% the real deal IMO, will be the player of his generation

  • @ScouseSte 'You won't win anything with kids'. Never a truer word said in relation with dividends. who would have thought it. Alan Hansen FI Sage. Ahead of his time.

    You shouldn't win anything with kids but Parrott is up 15p today. You'd think he'd got a couple of goals in the champions League last night but no hes scored 4 goals against some kids. So long as they kept a safe distance from the first team there is plenty of cap ap to be had. Parrots not been up to it in his early first team outings but thankfully for investors they've let him loose on teenage defences again. Poor Greenwood I think would be flying now if he was racking up cricket scores in the u23s. This bench warming has not been kind to his price.

  • Even if we sign a forward and every forward is fit we'd have only 5 natural forwards in rash, martial, James, new signing, Greenwood and we start 3 a game. He still makes the bench and gets minutes if every one is fit, I doubt every forward will stay fit though with our track record.

    2 goals in 3 starts is good going in a united team with the worst creativity I've ever seen, if we improve our creativity he'll score plenty, great finisher.

  • @NallyCat think people forget this lad has just turned 18, he doesn't need to be playing 90 minutes every week. He will learn far more this season making the bench on occasion in the PL and playing in the cups, being in and around the first team squad in training, than he would going on loan to a lower league. Longer term this season will benefit him greatly, massive learning curve.

  • At first I thought the headline suggested Greenwood has been found out as vastly overrated and now works as a postman 😉

  • @Dalien-Smith That's a little unfair on Parrott, who has one competitive appearance for the Spurs first-team in the dreadful 0-0 draw (and loss on pens) against Colchester. Parrott was better than several established first-team players on the night, and i think he played less for less than an hour. The way you phrased it suggested he has had several first-team opportunities and failed each time.

    Having said that i broadly agree with your position on FI youth prospects.

  • @Wotabeast He's clearly not ready to be starting yet if at all or else he'd be at least on the bench. So long as he's scoring goals in youth football he should make steady cap ap. In FI terms a youth being close to first team is often bad news

  • @NallyCat I agree! He needs to be in the team with martial rash James etc not replacing them!

  • 2 goals thus far for Greenwood. One against Kazakhstan's Astana. One against Rochdale. Personally I'm not reading anything into that but I guess you can read it as 2 goals in 3 starts. I'm imagining the great Zlatan would not be too boastful of that record against the lesser lights though.

  • @Dalien-Smith still 2 more than his immediate rivals on FI. I think people who were expecting him to come in to that man united team and set the world alight are very naive. I dread to think what criticism he would be getting if he had 0 goals this season.

  • @ChazFI123 Pre season there were many expecting him to set the world alight but to date in 6 premiership appearances he has 0 goals. Which is an acceptable return for someone so young only he's priced like he's 20 goal a season legend.

  • @Dalien-Smith 6 appearances come on, he’s played 87 minutes of football in the premier league, what you expecting in that? 4-5 goals? Goal every 20 minutes of football?

  • @ChazFI123 At start of the month Greenwood was £4.83. He's now plummeted to close to £4. There's many out there disappointed with his return. I expect him to have scored 0 goals in 6 premiership appearances given his age.

  • @Dalien-Smith I’m not saying he’s worth his price, but what I am saying is he shouldn’t be criticised etc because people were naive enough to buy him at £4+ and expect immediate returns. What’s your opinion on Brewster and Parrot? Would love to hear

  • Greenwood scored the winner in the Europa league and saved Man U's blushes in the League cup (also cooling slotting away a penalty in the shoot-out). Anyone expecting him to come into a poor side with very limited service and start banging them in left, right and centre is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  • @ChazFI123 I'm not criticising the player. I criticize the decision to make him so high up the pecking order at such a young age. He's clearly not ready quite yet. From an FI prospective with him so close to starting folk have perhaps understandably pumped the money in. Still he could pop in his first premier League goal in the coming weeks and grab some media and he's soaring again.

  • Doesn't even make first team for tonight. And Gomes is no where to be seen either.

  • Hopefully he'll get some time off the bench but this sort of game surely he should be starting. January couldn't come quick enough for Mason.

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