Feed the Parrott!

  • I've seen lots on here about Brewster potentially getting game time against M K Don's and his England U21 call up.

    Spurs are away at Colchester, surely the Parrott will get a sniff. He's also in the Rep of Ireland U21 squad and Mick McCarthy has spoken about him already.

    At this moment in time I think Parrott has more chance of game time than Brewster.

    I hold both by the way.

  • I also hold both and to be fair both are probably at the same level for potential game time / U21 call ups. Simply think the name "Brewster" is more known than "Parrott".
    Either way, hopefully some big rises / opportunities over September for them both!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't know who will be fit for Spurs once the League Cup comes around but they've got so many options in midfield that I personally think Son/Lucas will start upfront. Again I think it's a big ask to get a player to jump from not making a match day squad to starting a game.

  • @gball1975 said in Feed the Parrott!:

    Simply think the name "Brewster" is more known than "Parrott".

    Yeah but when Parrott scores a belter the headline writes itself:


  • @ChazFI123 I really do think he’s gonna get chances in cup games. Essentially as a stand in for Kane. He’s been included as 19th man for first team games too and always training with first team. I imagine Brewster is the same but don’t know as much about him?

  • @HPcoys I think he will definitely get minutes, just think spurs might try put the game to bed with Son/Lucas before bringing him on. I’m close to getting on the Parrott train, I just try to avoid buying youth players when I can

  • @ChazFI123 jump aboard! 😂

  • Need him to score in an EFL 8-0 mauling for the perfect headline. Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!

  • He’s one I’ve been looking at for a while, very young and so much potential. Hope he gets a look in at Tottenham sometime this season. He’s been impressive at youth level.

  • Said it on another thread but I think he has a genuine shot at being top drawer. A better youth record than Greenwood...

    I missed the IPO so while galling, I was still happy getting on at £1.70 given where he could get to.

    Looking forward to seeing him play for Spurs against Colchester if he doesn't get a shot before that.

  • I’m fairly new to IP. How do they work out a new players value when adding them to the market?

  • I’ve noticed his price has slowly been climbing this past few days. Looking like a good one for the future.

  • @Andy-O he is the real deal. Honestly think he is a great investment at current price on FI. Kane is our only other real striker so will get games. And will make Ireland squad for Euros if they qualify.

  • Got first Ireland u21s match this Friday. Then been included in champions league squad announced today by spurs. And will almost definitely start against Colchester next month. Big few months coming up for him! 🚀

  • 0_1567802257165_Screenshot_20190906-213404.png

  • Might trim down some bigger guns and top up!!

  • Do you know if FI pay Pb on carabao/fa cup games?

  • @HPcoys not yet. Doubt they ever will.
    So for holds like Parrot it's just chance of getting more known/trusted to traders.

  • @gball1975 said in Feed the Parrott!:

    Might trim down some bigger guns and top up!!

    Could be a good call. Has a long way to rise once becomes more known.

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