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  • I own. Attacking mid. English. Loans been rejected and they said they will give him a chance. One start is all he need to rise to 1 pound. Simples. I think he plays in ome or two league cup campaigns and he is a good player. Liverpool dont really have an attacking mids and he could make that his spot long term

  • also within a 6 day period in september liverpool have chelsea away then mk dons in league cup and then sheffield united away. I think he will play against mk dons which will see his price rocket.

  • @Jdog I don't remember him featuring preseason?

  • @C-Money yes as liverpool didnt have long for lots of preseason players and they wanted to get first team players to gel. Also, why would they reject loan terms

  • @Jdog isn’t Curtis Jones ahead of him in the pecking order considering he’s already played for the first team and regularly played in pre season. Think you’re clutching at straws a bit, if he was close to the first team he’d have played in pre season, ahead of the other youth players who did play

  • @ChazFI123 Agreed

  • @ChazFI123 why would they not loan him out. I would have a bet with either of u guys that he plays a few games this season. Im not clutching at any straws. He is very cheap so very low risk anyway.

  • @Jdog because they may think he’d develop more as a player in the U’23s? Because theyre hoping someone may pay money for him? They’re not loaning out Ryan Kent does that mean he’s a first team player too? If he is so close to the first team why would he have 0 minutes in pre season when Klopp is giving everyone in his plans minutes

  • @ChazFI123 i would imagine if they keep ryan kent he will play a couole of times this season too. Also, as i said he is relatively low risk so if u dont want to take the chance then you dont have to. Maybe there was uncertainity over his future and thats why he wasnt playing. Maybe he was injured . Its all speculation at the end of the day but the market is disagreeing with u at the moment

  • Minimal risk, high gains...look at Anthony Gordon, Connor Gallagher...2 more nobodies, but english, in the prem and priced considerably higher.
    All it takes is to be english, young, at a decent club, attacking, and a chance of a game (even a non ipd and pb game).
    If he went out on loan to a non pb club he's priced right, but if staying and going to get a chance, then look at these below:

    Aribo 86p
    Gallagher 1.19
    Gordon 92p
    Reece James 1.82!? (and hes a rb)
    Bowen 1.24!? hes (22!?..Hull!)
    Bobby Duncan 1.17!?
    Ampadu 1.02(hes welsh!?)
    Saka 1.63

    He looks under price to me with the way the market goes...


    Just saw this thread then saw the jump so very nice for me! :)

    I think he will defo get game time in the cups but not sure he has a long term future at Liverpool. If he impresses however could get a decent move to a premier league team.

  • @Jdog no chance he will play the MK game, he's nowhere near, midfield for that MK game will be Lallana, Keita + one other (Milner, maybe Elliot or Jones)

  • @ChazFI123 correct he'll be nowhere near the MK game

  • Should play in the cup tomo. Scored for u23 recently, been playing higher up. Squad thin as main players abroad. Chance to see all the kids.

  • @Westy said in Buy herbie kane:

    Should play in the cup tomo. Scored for u23 recently, been playing higher up. Squad thin as main players abroad. Chance to see all the kids.

    Ahhh that sounds like a Fathers 4 Justice case. The evil ex-missus has denied access! 😂

  • Ah the Herbie Kane pump thread is back, I concede with all of the first team and reserves away at the World Cup thingy he will start this game 😂🤦‍♂️😂

  • Hopefully he’ll leave Liverpool in January.

    A good performance tonight could put him in the shop window for one of the weaker Premiership or top Championship clubs.

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