• Seems good value? A score of pretty much 200 again today after being subbed at 80 minutes. No goals/assists. PSG gonna win most games there. Hasn’t shot up like Jordan has, any reason?

  • He's been giving solid PB scores all season. He won PB a few weeks ago as well

  • @HPcoys hes older than Jordan but its worth noting he did assist tonight but he does post decent PB scores tbf

  • @Shippers my mistake. Yeah it’s odd he hasn’t got the rise that the others have, wondered if I was missing something and should steer clear! 🤣

  • @HPcoys tough one hes posts some good PB scores but Di Maria is having a great start and the matrix suits him too but i expect Veratti will win PB during the season

  • I hold and think he will post some major pb scores this season. He has risen 30% in the last month or so that I've held him though. So it's not like he's been completely overlooked. But still plenty of room for growth.

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