Goodbye old hold πŸ˜₯

  • This morning i sold up the last of my Sancho shares. Being the first player i bought on here last year for around Β£1.50 in old money. He has been my most profitable hold which i have topped up and sold and topped again numerous times over the last year but ive made probably most of my money of this one player alone. I had planned to hold for as long as im on here but recently his price went to astronomical heights and although its based on potential i feel its a bit premature and built on a belief that he’s Man Utd bound which i can never see happening. I would of held but the level of profit locked up in him was way to high, in fact on selling him i have been able to buy 15 new players id filtered out using index gain that should allow that money to keep on growing.

    I firmly believe Sancho will earn his crown as king of the index within the next year or two but his price had peaked too soon really for me to stay in. I know ill buy back in one day but it wont be until either his dividends are rolling in frequently or his price drops back down significantly

  • @Black-wolf Good to hear that you have made a decent profit.

    I think you are right to sell, as I cant see his price moving significantly higher any time soon.

    Its the only player not in my port that I really want but refuse to pay the current price.

    Hoping for a minor injury that will drop the price, sounds harsh I know but bound to happen at some stage, then I will invest but not at the current price

  • @Long-Haul-Col i told myself i wasnt buying anymore after the last time which was at Β£5.40. I decided then it was the last lot a was buying and id hold for the long term as i felt his price was a little high then bit like you i wanted jom in my port. But within weeks of buying his price was over Β£7. I hadnt expected that at all but it forced me to change my plans

  • I'm strapping in for the three year hold, only 26 more months to go!

  • @Black-wolf absolutely insane mate. Β£1.50 old money. That's 50p new money! And he's over Β£7 now! The profit must be sensational! Well done! Always need to get out on the high and for you this was it! I agree I think he will dip. I hold and he is my biggest profit but I see an even bigger rise in the future! He will be the new πŸ‘‘... Eventually!

  • @C-Money ive sold, bought back and topped up so many times. Β£1.50 was the initial price I bought in at and my first ever FI purchase. But yeah i reckon hes a big part part of my total profit ive made on here. But they could of been so much bigger if id just sat on the original buy in but im not complaining. Sancho was an easy hold ill need to have more patience moving forward, less ins and outs

  • Good work, that's almost the dream but on here!
    I got in much later but have been contemplating selling for a while as seems to have peaked (for now).

    Interested in who you went for to replace....who's the next Sancho? 😁

  • @Abaalan some youngsters from around Europe just incase and some very cheap PB players. Ill try get them posted over time but if im honest i researched so many that once I was happy i bought 1 share in each until my Sancho shares sold then topped them all up to 50. Annoyingly ill need to research each one again for the exact reasons because my daughter used the bit of paper for something more important 🀣. So at the moment all i know is i had i good reason for buying each

  • @Black-wolf yes I completely understand. I have done that myself but becoming more patient now. Still in a booming market plenty of money to be made!

  • @Black-wolf Great work! It must be really hard to sell someone who has done so well for you.

    In my case, I'm not ready to let go...


    I'm hoping I can hold him for a lot longer yet, perhaps even the full three years. My wife has suddenly started talking about moving house so I might have to sell earlier than I'd like...

  • @Boris999 lovely mate really good stuff! I thought I would get out when I made 100% instead I topped up!

  • @Boris999 well done mate thats some good profit

  • πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜Ž hopefully one day 🀞

  • I'm just up over 300% on Sancho myself. I'm hoping that he gets listed as a forward. He'll rise a lot of he did. I've been tempted to sell myself but holding off for now

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