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  • 100k that's insane!!

  • 100k and he hasn't bought any of my 12 players for sale!!

  • @Tom7471 πŸ˜‚

  • @johnboywalker said in EJ legend:

    @Webbinho said in EJ legend:

    This is his tweet:

    Seeing my fellow traders belief in Football Index by putting in big money. I have been inspired to follow suit.

    The platform is getting better each day and I believe we are really about to go places. Best to get in at these prices.

    Β£100k been added - it's TUT.

    Just the 100k today πŸ˜‚

    Luckily, it looks like I beat the big man to the punch.

    I started investing new money a few days ago, after months of playing solely with profit.

    Most folk on here know me by now. I'm relatively unbiased when assessing the performance of the platform.

    If the index is underperforming, I'm one of the first to call them to task.

    But I could sense something was brewing and I share EJ's optimism for the future of the platform.

    It won't be long til we all tell 'Bet In Play Ray' to sling his hook. πŸ–•

    The index is taking over baby!! 🀠 πŸš€

    My port is up a few pence today, do you think this is a sign of the green shoots?

  • @Tom7471 said in EJ legend:

    100k and he hasn't bought any of my 12 players for sale!!

    That'll be the Good Lord telling you to keep hold and they will come good in the end!

    The Lord works in mysterious ways πŸ˜‚

  • I managed to see every name he bought. Got a video of it but Twitter's too shite to allow an upload. Anyway.....

    Van de Beek
    Luis Alberto

  • @JK That's quite a shopping list! Not a bad way to splash Β£100k. Genuinely curious where people find this money though.

  • @JK I have one f@#king player lol

  • @AndydfopT i have a few of them but im surprised Messi isnt there considering the price movements today

  • He should have obviously bought Fabian Ruiz and Malinovskyi but being as though he bought lots of Rongier I'll let him off....

  • @JK Good work JK

  • Rongier was in the red a few hours ago. Cheers, EJ!


  • Just TAA for me from that list. Speaking of which there must be some sell queue on TAA. I listed a share about a week ago as a test, and he hasn’t shifted despite going up from 6.32 to 6.49.

  • @JK good job got 9 of them, he’s risen my port nicely πŸ‘πŸ»

  • It's easy to imagine the effect of a few more big investors coming on board isn't it.

  • @JK Ruiz would have been nice. Bought some yesterday on basis Napoli might turn a corner. 187 on losing side with no goal or assist today looks like a decent score. What are people's thoughts on him? Looks like he has potential but on a bit of a downward journey.... hopefully that has arrested now!!

  • @TotalPunt Lots of players pb related on a loosing streak such as TAA, Parejo, Kimmich, Pjanic and Ruiz to name just a few.
    Unless your posting a pb win these guys have had their rise and will drop unless they post a sizable score and ideally a win.

  • @Tom77 said in EJ legend:

    I deleted a thread I started, guy is insane he must be winning the Audi he has spent a fortune this december.

    I feel like EJ winning an Audi is like me winning a skateboard.

  • Dunno if I've just caught the back end of another 100k but just seen the big man buying Julian Brandt. Seems to have stopped now though so it was probs just his few grands worth of divs this month 🀣

  • @MickTurbo Was it the same one hoovering up Calvert Lewins by the thousands? haha

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