Matchday Thread 31/08/2019

  • @Thatguy said in Matchday Thread 31/08/2019:

    Yeah looks like PB has stopped again. Depay has put Lyon 1-0 up and only on 5 points

    55 mins in, and I've done an estimate on his points based on his stats from 'sofascore' and I'd say he is on about 120 points (conservative estimate).

  • Well he won’t be competing for it now. Sancho is last hope of the day for me, 1 assist so far but needs a goal or 2

  • @Tom77 frank is loved a bit by the media aswell and think everyone just wants to see him do well. He might not be getting to much slack now but I’m sure If results don’t change over the next few months he will be under pressure. Ole on the other hand is working for a bunch of idiots and this Man Utd team is not great they need at least another 2-3 transfer windows with the right signings to try and put that team right no wonder Pogba wants out

  • Juve are battering Napoli atm. 35 minutes played, 2-0 up and Khedira has missed a BIG chance from about 8 yards out, and just hit the crossbar.

    Don't watch a lot of Italian football, but Juve are really impressing me in this first half.

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