• 42p euros next summer. Chiellini out with acl injury so will be first choice centre back. Anyone think hes worth a punt? Could see him being easily 60p if he gets a pb win or a goal or an assist. Juventus will be in all competitions for a while. Opinions?

  • @Jdog on at 36p and whilst I hate the expression, hes as close as it gets to a no brainer. Juve are second only to psg in terms of domestic dominance, they'll win most weeks, they'll keep clean sheets most weeks and they'll play sarri ball.

    Chiellini is 35 and hes done his ACL, that's a bad injury at his age, bonucci will play every week along side de ligt and unless de ligt gets a goal, bonucci will probably out PB him the majority of the time and regularly be in the mix for divs

  • @MickTurbo also this is a player that fan actually over a 3 year bet return near tk his value in dividens. Which cant be said about many over priced players who will never win dividens

  • Yeh I have him at 37p for some reason only 400 when everyone else I bought that week was 1000+!

  • Yeah great shout and a bargain price 👍

  • Him and Pique are so cheap .... known div returners, guarenteed to play and cheap as chips!!

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