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  • Since the start of the season we’ve seen some risers and other yo-yo players but the market isn’t appreciating so now I’m seeing a few losses on my portfolio that is largely stagnant. Think FI maybe losing players and certainly funds in the platform

  • @Bradley117 this isn't correct mate the footsie has gone up every day this month bar one or two, I think at the moment money is being put into the lower priced players at the moment.

  • Can't say I agree. The past 7 days have been massive for me. First I made about 30 quid on Tousart selling him before kick-off, moved all that money to Lukaku and made more money there. Then finally i sold all that and moved it into Timo Werner before last night. It's all about finding the right players at the right time.

    My next buy when I have funds free is to top up on Bernado Silva as I'm 18p down on him but I think that's just knee jerker as he hasn't scored yet. When he hits top form he'll rise again like a Phoenix from the flames. Some players plateau at high prices but at that point you need dividends to keep the price high - mb or PB.

  • Yeah I have to disagree too. There has been times where my portfolio has been stagnant for a week or 2 but that certainly hasn't been the case recently.

    Yes I am red on some players but pretty much every time I log in my portfolio has increased a little more in value

  • @Bradley117 said in No Value Left:

    Since the start of the season we’ve seen some risers and other yo-yo players but the market isn’t appreciating so now I’m seeing a few losses on my portfolio that is largely stagnant. Think FI maybe losing players and certainly funds in the platform

    My portfolio seems to be increasing steadily each week as does the footie which is a fairly reliable barometer of how the index is performing as a whole, perhaps if you provide a snapshot of your portfolio we can offer some suggestions


    Of the top 200 only 22 players have dropped in the last 24 hours the rest have either risen or stayed the same

    of the remaining 2880(ish) players only 78 players have dropped in the last 24 hours the rest have either risen or stayed the same.

  • The trends in FI are cyclical @Bradley117. The players in your portfolio can't go up day after day after day. That's just unrealistic.

    Money is currently coming out of the top-20 players, maybe top-50, as people shuffle their portfolios based on how early scoring has shown the new PB-Matrix to be working. People are looking for bargains all over the Index, at varying levels. Looking quickly at the "Top £ Increase" list it's the next phase of youngsters (Chong, Gomes, Garner, Parrot, Gilmour etc) that got left behind when the likes of Brewster, Greenwood and Mount exploded. Other players that seemed to get left behind recently like Werner and Griezmann. Outstanding footballers that for one reason or another didn't have a recent spike. Griezmann 'cus of his performance last week and Barca's other injury problems, plus Euros next year. Werner 'cus of a hatrick and PB winning performance last night, plus a new contract that means he'll play more this season (Liepzig left him out a lot last season 'cus he was refusing to sign a new deal) and again Euros next summer.

    Personally kicking myself about Werner's latest spike cus I only named him earlier this week in another thread about wanting him in my portfolio before the Euro's. During research I saw last night's fixture and decided against it as RBL were away and Neymar's latest dip was too good to turn down. I could have had him at about £2.10 if I gone with Turbo Timo instead of NeyNey.

    I don't know about your portfolio, but my Rashford, Kane, Sterling and Maddison shares have been flying for about a month now. If you weren't expecting this to slow down or even reverse slightly then your expectations of FI are unrealistic. These players will all have their turn again. Whether it be next week during the international window or after Xmas when the Champions League and Europa Leagues get into the serious stages. Not to mention the Euros next summer.

    Either have patience in the players you have in your portfolio, or sell what you have for the profit you have and re-invest once you figure out where the next cycle is OR where the bargains are in the current cycle.

    To say FI are losing players and funds is just laughable. The platform is booming atm.

  • Yep increasing too. Juan Bernat, Erick Pulgar and Willi Orban keeping me happy. I do have quite a lot of players in red, but that's because I sold a lot of players who were in profit to bank it

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    In 8 months, I just had my best month in FI profit wise.

  • I've had probably my worst week to date in all honesty but I think expectations have to be managed. It's not always gonna be a steady upward trajectory, nothing in life is that easy

  • This has been one of my worse weeks, down 0.77% in 7 days. Largely due to some of my most expensive holds not yet playing, including Neymar, Messi and Eden Hazard. To expect rises every week is unrealistic and I am not concerned, especially as I am over 5k up in 5 months.

  • I have been on a year next week and overall I am up just over 50% (portfolio just under 10k)I was down around £100 last week and around £60 this week however prior to that I was up nearly £1000 for the previous 4 week.

    The index does seem to be moving towards more I.P.D.s however I have total faith that the platform can continue to grow and in all honesty my drops have been down to injuries E.Hazzard , Redmond , Saint Maxim and Sessegnon if they had stayed fit I would still be in Green , but that`s the game.

  • 0_1567243200231_7DF6A190-8CEA-43E9-B8A3-DC259928CAA9.png



    For those asking this is my current holding, I’ve sold a couple I made some profit on so it’s particularly negative but it’s as much I missed the boat on Werner too and can’t see where the next increase comes from

  • And whilst the footsie number has gone up I’ve seen many previous threads suggesting no one has a clue what that figure actually is

  • @Bradley117
    not completely true, Iv watched that number for 18months and I believe I understand what it is as a comparison with 2018

  • @Bradley117 i think your problem has been mate that you have invested in lots of your players at prak prices. For example sabitzer, not saying hes not a good hold but u got on at 1.31 i assume because he put in one good pn perfomance so you went with the crowd. I would say try and focus on buying players when they are not at their peak. I know u cant always tell that a drop is coming but u can sometimes tell if a players is at their all time peak and has had a dramatic rise

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    Good players, over time, will go up.
    Here is my port, admittedly I have been on 8 months but still. Pay particular attention to Tammy Abraham, who when I bought at 89p, I was told he was too expensive and I should sell.


    I buy from the biggest decrease list, proven players.

  • Yeah Sabitzer was my last buy, I bought him when I thought he’d bottomed out after that game he scored and assisted 3 a few weeks back. I think I’ll feel better when Bale eventually takes off but 3 weeks or more past the end of the Chinese window and he’s not even been close to recovering to his close season price. I see him as my best hold atm and Neymar is frustrating too

  • @MrWh1te that looks good, and a strategy I’m largely following too. When looking at the history though I can’t seem to judge which have peaked and which are cyclical

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    The question I ask myself is, where will this player be in a year.
    I don't care about short time drops.

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    @Bradley117 You might find this more useful. It has my thoughts behind players.
    Columns H-K


    I bought:
    Bale early when China deal looked dodgy
    Neymar when rape allegations hit
    Dybala when Man U deal collapsed

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