• Has anyone looked into goalkeepers anymore this season and seen any reasonable benefit and profit?
    I’m still not sure how the changes help them too much!
    I guess IPDs for them are a reasonable shout but on that basis alone they would be a little volatile and risky!
    If anyone has seen any benefit or strategies for them then I’d be interested to know and give it a little dabble if worthwhile!

  • @Shnurgan i have a 6 keepers but held them for a while. They are all up about 20p but ive held them too long to get IPD’s. They are such a low cost part of my portfolio that im happy to just hold for the season they may pull of some PB wins inder the new matrix or some MB when the medua opens to all players

  • @Shnurgan

    They can be a profitable investment both long & short term but timing buys/sales correctly is essential to being worthwhile.

    Long term; bought a range towards the end of last season as they looked too cheap & sold most in the run up to this season for approx 50% profit.

    Short term; IPD plays - usually try to buy when 4/5 decent eligible games fall within the 30 days but add Internationals as a bonus to get 6/7 games. Personally prefer sub 40p & nearer 30p buys but those with a good CS ratio are increasing in price making it more difficult to maintain the profit margin. Generally find they tick up a couple of pence on a CS, providing a good market sell opportunity to either cash a profit or recycle.

    Benitez Nice, Donnarumma Milan, Dubravka Newcastle, Gulsaci RB Liepzig, Meret Napoli, Mingolet Club Bruges, Oukidja Metz, Patricio Wolves , Rajkovic Reims, Runarsson Dijon, Schmeichel Leics & Trapp Frankfurt are my current holds.

  • The only keeper I hold is lloris, I bought yesterday at 48p. He plays 7 games in 30 days and 2 of them are for France at home to Andorra and albania, bearing that in mind every clean sheet he keeps out of them 7 is worth 2% on your investment with 2 I would say nailed on, and a possible 14% if he does all seven.
    Plus any CA .

  • @Jonah that’s a good shout + my spurs bias...I’ll have a little go at that one cheers!

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