T Abraham

  • Is it a silly idea to buy into t Abraham right now ? Or wait for a potential dip ?

  • I think he will continue to rise £4+ by the new year

  • Do you recon he will hold his current value threw this week ? I might wait till Wednesday and hopefully get him at at £3 or abit lower 🤔

  • I dont think he will drop below £3 i think he will slowly go up in value the next week or 2 & if he scores when chelsea play wolves his price will rocket again

  • I think Tammy has all the ingredients to become a star on FI. He's clearly a top talent and might get England honours soon enough.

    Personally, he's one to hold for the long term.

    Full disclosure though - I hold!

  • I prefer to buy my shares before the launch 🚀

    Missed this one - would I buy in now? 🤔

    No, his rise has been that substantial, (like Mount) you have to expect some market correction over the next month or so.

  • @NewUser47384 if I were you I would wait, the market is very volatile at the moment and he has just rocketed up so will likely take a little dip now and his price will settle down. The last thing you want to do is buy in at his peak and take an immediate hit. Just out of interest what are you buying him for, is it a PB hold, MB or just some cap app?

  • Banned

    Footy Index Scout seems to be wrong and is showing only 6p MB and no PB wins but I don't think that is correct.
    He is banging in some half decent scores and I am sure he won PB for top forward not so long ago.
    Can anyone confirm/deny?

  • Banned

    Just checked my history. FIS is right, no PB win, his wins were for MB.
    Still getting bigger scores than I was expecting and could start winning some.

  • Surely he will be at least 4 pound minimum soon if he can keep scoring and he will go up next month if he gets an england call up which i think he will replace wilson

  • I think it's fair to say that Abraham is going to be one of those high goal scoring strikers that is woeful for PB. A hat trick and he didn't even break 200!

    MB prospects should be better though but if they aren't his price could have a limit.

  • Only issue is he's got a hat trick today but no where near winning PB. I dont claim to know a huge amount about the matrix but does his game just does not suit FI?

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    That will happen a lot on a big Saturday. On a single, or even a double day, he could well be winning that.
    Not the best score for a hat trick but he certainly gets decent enough scores to win sometimes.

  • @Wynnston still young and could improve his build up play. Also will get more media if he can keep up scoring and looking at little more ahead might be challenging for golden boot🤞

  • @R2d2

    Are there dividends for a golden boot?

    In all seriousness though, being English with the Euros coming up, I can't see much going wrong with hold.

    I prefer to buy with an eye on PB so he's not for me but the capital appreciation could be good for a while yet.

  • For all those mentioning his low on score today, remember he scored an own goal. That's -30 and hopefully he remembers which goal to score in next time!

  • @stumac85 ppd point, hadn't considered the own goal to be fair

  • @stumac85 but he’s not gonna score a hat trick every week

  • He has been given a chance and he is making a pretty Good job of it if you ask me.
    There were plenty of doubter's about his ability to make it in the PL but is that 7 goals in 3 games?.
    Also if he continues this form surely an England call up could be on the horizon although Madisson will tell you that's no guarantee of playing.
    Their is some mileage in the share price also imo as just look at whats happened to Mount,Felix and James.
    If it wasn't for the own goal he would have posted a respectable pb score although not earthshattering I agree.
    When a player is hot you gotta try to run with it😉

  • @Gazz127 definitely got potential so likely turn into a media player but not looking like big PB player unfortunately.

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