T Abraham

  • @stumac85 ppd point, hadn't considered the own goal to be fair

  • @stumac85 but he’s not gonna score a hat trick every week

  • He has been given a chance and he is making a pretty Good job of it if you ask me.
    There were plenty of doubter's about his ability to make it in the PL but is that 7 goals in 3 games?.
    Also if he continues this form surely an England call up could be on the horizon although Madisson will tell you that's no guarantee of playing.
    Their is some mileage in the share price also imo as just look at whats happened to Mount,Felix and James.
    If it wasn't for the own goal he would have posted a respectable pb score although not earthshattering I agree.
    When a player is hot you gotta try to run with it😉

  • @Gazz127 definitely got potential so likely turn into a media player but not looking like big PB player unfortunately.

  • Once the hype moves on to the next kid he's gonna need something to back up his price. Won't be PB so you've got to hope MB is his saviour.

    If you already hold then I think there's more profit to squeeze out of him. I missed this one and won't be buying in now.

  • @Alpilgrim It’s because he got an unfortunate own goal. His PB was 250+ otherwise and was the current top forward before the OG.

  • @TeamGB said in T Abraham:

    @Alpilgrim It’s because he got an unfortunate own goal. His PB was 250+ otherwise and was the current top forward before the OG.

    Wouldn't a non own goal have left his score at just below 230? So he still wouldn't have won. With his base score, he probably needs 4 goals or 3 and an assist to get close to winning on a double or treble day.

  • 7 goals in his last 3 games - 2 of them with game winning goals - and PB scores of 168, 142 and 193. He isn't going to win much PB cos his form can't get much better than that. He will need to show his MB potential to keep on rising in price soon.

  • @janner73 totally agree. Thats the point i was trying to get across. I feel glad i sold when i did but he has all the makings of a media magnet so i think his price could go either way from here. Everything about him reminds me of Zaha so i use that as a comparison so now his price really depends on his choice of national team, if he opts for Nigeria it could effect his price

  • @Alpilgrim He also got subbed and a yellow card. That’s why. I don’t think you’ve actually watched the match or seen that he was star player up until these things happened. He’s also given people 7p of IPD’s in the last 2 1/2 matches he’s played which should be considered and 40% capital appreciation in the last few months.

  • @TeamGB

    I'm not disputing he's a good player or that he could get good capital appreciation. He probably was the star player in real life football as most would be if they scored a hat trick.

    My point is he'll be rubbish for PB as FI does not always correlate a scintillating performance with a huge score. And no, along with 99% of the players in my port, I didn't watch the match. My decisions on FI are never based on one match anyway; more on statistics over time. IPDs of 7p on a player worth £3+ are also nothing to write home about, merely a nice bonus for those in the 30 day period of which many will not be.

    My concern for new subscribers to Abraham is that eventually for his price to continue to rise he will need to be a dividend winner at some point. Otherwise, he could end up an Aguero, world class player and goalscorer, but not in the FI scoring matrix.

  • Just been reading about something and come across this which is Tammy only needs 3 more goals to match rashfords best ever league tally make of it what u want but don’t feel that reflects great on rashford

  • @Carboney I think that just reflects how many goals Tammy scores.
    PB/MB-wise, Rashford brings home the bacon.

    When Tammy's purple patch is over (as happens with all strikers at some point), his price will dive.

  • @MrWh1te you’ve been on here a little while longer than myself can u confirm if rashford actually wins pb or are most of his dividends from Mb cheers👍

  • @Carboney
    Mostly MB


  • What period of time does that graphic cover @MrWh1te ?

  • @MrWh1te cheers for that just trying to sell some players to free up cash but mainly looking for pb so I guess that counts rashford out for me. Won’t be jumping on Tammy either as I feel that ship has sailed👍

  • @LukeMalla all time I believe

    last season he returned 50p in divs

  • 16th of all time. 21 years old.


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