Javier Hernandez - seville

  • Do it , de jong is 74 p and he is awful.

  • @Tom77 still confused what the hell is going on with munas dabbur. The guy was a goal machine at salzburg. The manage doesn't want to play him, the owner says he wont be sold???

    What's going on?

  • No ideas mate with him but de jong and Dabbur isnt enough and neither are proven quality in a top league imo.
    Hernandez is a great fit for them.

    The europa league group is one of the easiest so i would except Javier to get some goals, got to be worth 60-70p and if he stays low will be a great ipd hold all season.

  • @Stevo read on twitter that dabbur is being sold, sounds very bizarre.

    As per reports, West Ham striker Javier Hernandez joining Sevilla in deal worth approx €8m. He will be the club's 12th summer signing and the plan is that one of the other 11 - Manus Dabbur, cost: €15m - will be gone before playing a game for the club.

  • @Tom77 that's fine as long as he doesn't go to bloody Turkey 🤣

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