Happy Saturday everyone.

  • Been in Valencia so was far too scared to log on and then go fecking about getting unsuspended.

    Valencia is mint, red hot, what a place. Deffo be going back.

    Gonna start a footy manager off and be Levante and make them bigger than them nasty Valencia club.

    It’s got a massive park and we went running round it every day.

    It’s cheap for a city.

    Scoring system is fucked, so really all is same at FI towers.

    Rotherham are wank, another 95th minute goal let in.

    Have I missed anything?

    My ports growing, meaning getting closer to building a little training pad in France with the bird.

    Gonna do some work on www.fitips.co.uk over the next 48 hours.

    If you own a site and want it linked then message me and we can discuss payment terms (joking) we getting around 30 visitors a day, so we need as much help as possible.

    Love your loved ones. Flag wankers off. And do at least 30 mins fitness a day. Ready for that valencian beech body.

    See ya Friday you filthy traders.

    *drops mic

  • 😎🀣 great post

  • @Milnerman quality mate, best wishes πŸ‘

  • Love it. I hope you are having a great Saturday

  • Quality post and I have to say I've had a banging last day of summer topped off with Neymar πŸš€πŸš€
    Happy Autumn Eve my FI chums.

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