What shall I do with Dybala?

  • Bought a few Dybala at £2.83 after he'd previously been up to £4 with all the United/Spurs drama. He's currently £2.78.
    Came off the bench last night. Chairman says he's going nowhere, so all must be resolved.
    What are other Dybala holders thinking about his current situation?

  • He seems to be out of favour. No sub striker should have that high a value. If he stays on the bench he will slowly slide.

    I’d cash out and buy twice as many shares in Icardi. He is certain to move (maybe on loan). Atlético are now favourites to sign him. One great season and he should catch up with Dybala’s price

  • Im happy to hold for another 2 years

  • Banned

    I got on cheap after his United move crashed. Definite hold for me.

  • I am 20p+ down on him, but going to keep him. Struggle to believe he won't be first choice at a club within the 3 years, but also not willing to cash out at that spread

  • Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to hold. The fact that he came off the bench yesterday suggests they're ready to forgive and forget.
    If it all does go pear shaped, there'll be transfer talk and a potential move in the Jan window.
    Sitting tight for now!

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