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  • Hi, I'm new to football index. Just wondering where players on the sell queue appear for people to buy?


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    It is all hidden.

    When people buy shares, they buy the same way. They never know if they are buying from someone who has set to market, or new shares from FI.

  • @NewUser426530 hi, they don’t appear anywhere as such, they are the buy price that you see. Occasionally if no specific players are in the sell queue, the price will still be there, and FI step in to sell you the player themselves, they create them out of thin air!

    To all new users, go to your profile and give yourself a username, it helps traders to recognise you as a name and a person. No-ones interested in trying to work out which new user number is which! You would only be seen as Patrick McGoohan aka ‘The Prisoner’ with a number and no name!

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  • Thanks for the replies.

    So if I had a player that to buy was currently 2.80, and to sell was currently 2.60, and i put them on the sell queue at 2.70, what price would everyone see my player at 2.80 or 2.70?



  • @Martin-S That's actually not how it works. When you sell a player, you have two options. First, you could Instant Sell (or IS) which is the price you see on the Sell button. This, as the name suggests, instantly sells the player at the price, with the downside being that the IS price is much lower - losing you money. The second option is market selling, which is selling at the price the player is being bought at. The option to select a price isn't for selling the player, it's for reserving to keep the player should it drop below the threshold.

    Neymar's buy price is currently £7.25, and his sell price is £6.62. If you hold 100 Neymar's and wish to sell, you could Instant Sell them for £648.77 - 6.62x100x0.98 (2% commission). However, you could sell them to market, which would put your 100 Neymar's into the queue along with every other trader selling Neymar's. As Neymar's are bought, your 100 Neymar's move up the pile until they are top - then the next 100 Neymar's bought by anyone will be yours. Of course, the market price could fluctuate while yours are in the queue - so if you set a reserve price of £7.20 for example, it would mean that if Neymar drops below £7.20 buy price, your 100 Neymar's would be returned to your portfolio.

    Remember, FI take a 2% commission on every sell, instant or market, so always calculate the actual net profit of a sale before clicking that instant sell button! Hope this was helpful.

  • Thats very helpful, I understand it now, thanks!

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