• If it is a big injury, how low can he go?

    He's been a solid hold for me, was expecting big things this year. Didn't hear the news quick enough to IS at a decent price, but I'm still about 40% up overall, so could still IS and take a small profit. Or wait and bulk buy in the future nearing return.

    Could be a season out though? If so i think he might drop below the current IS price.

    Anyone else debating selling? Buying?

    What price do people buy the injury at? Long term patience, guaranteed rise and then a decent PB hold.

  • I'll probably buy in once I know the extent. Not risking it yet, because as you say, if he's out for a season there's likely more of a drop to come. And a whole lot of time with your money tied up doing nothing. I'm certain he'll be worth more once he does return though. Hard to get the timing right with this one I feel.

  • Yeh the initial drop is from those decisive traders.

    I always stew on things too long and miss the IS boat, but must have been a lot watching the game and reacting.

    Leveled out now, so its the wait for confirmed news bunch. If big he will drop another 20p at least, if not so bad and it's been an over reaction from Pep, he could rise 20p.

    Did you see it?

  • I only saw it on MOTD @Westy but looks like ligament damage to me, twisted/jarred his knee quite badly in the contact with whomever the Brighton player was. All Laporte's own fault too, was never making it in time to win the ball, hence why he got booked as he was stretchered off.

    I think there is a little bit more of a dip to come on confirmation today/tomorrow, but perhaps not as bad as you're predicting. It's strange that people will sell off in droves after bad games, but people are tending to be more patient with injuries than they used to be. Remember CHO dropping over a £1 in minutes after his injury, I think those days are gone...

    EDIT I do plan to buy-in once the market on him has settled.

  • @LukeMalla was one of my favourite holds and was guaranteed to win pb divs, but managed to get out quick enough don't like having money tied up in what could possibly be a long term injury. City will be vulnerable at the back without him he's their main man.

  • @LukeMalla

    Yeh im surprised he hasnt gone down more already, like Kane and Cho last season. I suppose the difference might be that Laporte is a long term trader type hold for PB and steady cap app.

    Cho was all about cap app then, short term trading.

  • Get on Eric Garcia now hes injured. One of the best defensive prospects to come out of Spain, bought him from Barca and hes about 90p. Ive held him since April and hes up 30%

  • @FINorth ... he wont walk into Laporte spot though surely.

  • Some people buying in 300 now, so maybe not as bad as first thought... Good time to sell if you don't wana sit on that investment while not earning.

  • If it's a season ending injury I'd go as low as 1.00, rest of the year out i recon 1.30.

    Im in exactly the same position as you, long term hold and expected big thing so dissapointing, but, I'm willing to gamble on it not being as bad as expected.

  • It looked a bad one, would be super unfortunate if another ACL for city and for him. Even if just MCL would be a couple of months I imagine...I imagine he’ll drop further and gonna get on him then

  • @Westy Lump on Otamendi

  • @Westy said in Laporte:


    Yeh im surprised he hasnt gone down more already, like Kane and Cho last season. I suppose the difference might be that Laporte is a long term trader type hold for PB and steady cap app.

    Cho was all about cap app then, short term trading.

    I suspect people holding laporte are more patient holders to begin with. All the money dropping out of cho and Kane was likely from people that had just piled into the big names. Following all the others over the cliff......

  • 5 months on the sidelines apparently, so should still be able to return for the second half of the season and hopefully the Euro’s, time to invest I think

  • Thats better than I thought it'd be. Basically provides a savings account once he bottoms out. Low risk, decent cap app when back, decent hold when back with possible more shares this next time round.

  • @Westy where Dyou think he’ll bottom out at? I’m wondering if it’ll drop much lower as it seems less time out than most people thought

  • I missed my chance to get out and wasnt aware of the injury till hours after it happened but im glad i didnt now ill just hold on till he recovers

  • @ChazFI123 I still think hel go down, maybe 1.20ish...ive been on mendy for ages and he went under 1£ with one of his setbacks. Hard to predict in these volatile times. But I think he was mainly held buy old traders who will be patient, don't think he ever really attracted the short term masses.

  • @ChazFI123 my cost price is 1.07. If he goes under I buy more. Much more.

  • @Westy my plan is to start using injured players as a low risk element to my port, was going to start with Sane before the Laporte injury funnily enough, but I think I’ll end up going for Laporte thought he was under valued before his injury so currently he looks incredible value

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