• If it's a season ending injury I'd go as low as 1.00, rest of the year out i recon 1.30.

    Im in exactly the same position as you, long term hold and expected big thing so dissapointing, but, I'm willing to gamble on it not being as bad as expected.

  • It looked a bad one, would be super unfortunate if another ACL for city and for him. Even if just MCL would be a couple of months I imagine...I imagine he’ll drop further and gonna get on him then

  • @Westy Lump on Otamendi

  • @Westy said in Laporte:


    Yeh im surprised he hasnt gone down more already, like Kane and Cho last season. I suppose the difference might be that Laporte is a long term trader type hold for PB and steady cap app.

    Cho was all about cap app then, short term trading.

    I suspect people holding laporte are more patient holders to begin with. All the money dropping out of cho and Kane was likely from people that had just piled into the big names. Following all the others over the cliff......

  • 5 months on the sidelines apparently, so should still be able to return for the second half of the season and hopefully the Euro’s, time to invest I think

  • Thats better than I thought it'd be. Basically provides a savings account once he bottoms out. Low risk, decent cap app when back, decent hold when back with possible more shares this next time round.

  • @Westy where Dyou think he’ll bottom out at? I’m wondering if it’ll drop much lower as it seems less time out than most people thought

  • I missed my chance to get out and wasnt aware of the injury till hours after it happened but im glad i didnt now ill just hold on till he recovers

  • @ChazFI123 I still think hel go down, maybe 1.20ish...ive been on mendy for ages and he went under 1£ with one of his setbacks. Hard to predict in these volatile times. But I think he was mainly held buy old traders who will be patient, don't think he ever really attracted the short term masses.

  • @ChazFI123 my cost price is 1.07. If he goes under I buy more. Much more.

  • @Westy my plan is to start using injured players as a low risk element to my port, was going to start with Sane before the Laporte injury funnily enough, but I think I’ll end up going for Laporte thought he was under valued before his injury so currently he looks incredible value

  • I bought Laporte as a long term hold, while a lengthy spell out isn't good for PB purposes I'm going to look at the silver lining here and suggest it may increase his value long term.

    There will be hype leading up to his eventual comeback and if City have a bad spell with him out of the team it will lead to a new level of appreciation for just how good a defender he is.

    I'm not suggesting anyone buys or holds at this point, just suggesting an alternative view.

  • Has had a bit of recovery today in price, anybody got any clue why?

  • @ChazFI123 just done some research and seems that is a reaction to the fact it is meniscus damage rather than ligament damage, which shortens the recovery time

  • @ChazFI123

    Talking a couple of months out. Similar to De Bruyne's injury rather than tearing the ACL. Worth buying now for me. Will be back for all the European games etc. and he's young and PB scores are among the best.

  • @NewUser51324 Yeah I've finally jumped on at £1.48- seems a ridiculously safe hold in terms of he should return atleast 30p per share now. Easy 20% ROI

  • So...

    With Laporte injured... will we see Walker move to the middle and Cancelo starting?

  • @Dan-The-Man pep defo hinted at that, but also fernandinho, almost as if either of those options were better to him than otamendi.

  • I think we will see Fernandino slot in at CB for some games, Pep rates him highly and we have seen him play Fernandino there before.

  • Looks like he is out for up to 6 months with Knee Surgery. Surely his price will drop more now?

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