• Thanks both, we re-evaluate once he hits my 20% ROI target OR put him up for market sale once another 'decent' player gets walloped with a long term injury and sink the money into that player.

    I was planning on having a couple of hundred quid in a 'coming back from injury' pot of players and this lad was my first one. IF I get the 20% return i'd be happy with that, I know its only £20 but it scratches the betting itch and also means a little more goes onto the next player, so on and so forth.

    I'm never going to have a mega big port and my £3k port keeps me interested, and my small wins keep adding up.

    Thanks again for the feedback and views.

  • @Milnerman

    It’s an approach I have adopted for a % age of my port
    I currently have 4 or 5 players who are at various stages of recovery from a mid to long term injury
    Where I have tried to look for the bottom of the dip and got in.
    It’s a slow burner but a relative safe earner.

  • Looking at the recent boom in PB defenders, surely a solid gamble would be on Laporte? Currently @ £1.72, seems excellent value?

  • @Sam-L said in Laporte:

    Looking at the recent boom in PB defenders

    You spelt wing backs wrong 😉

  • @MickTurbo fair point! However I could see Laporte winning PB and possibly star man between his return and the end of the season

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