Pogba vs neymar

  • I hold 200 neymars and have about £1200 to invest somewhere else been thinking about Pogba now he’s had a drop but in your opinion who’s the better hold from now and moving forward I understand there both gonna have media as expect both to move next summer at the latest

  • @Carboney put it all on red, double down and buy 200 pog and 200 neymar

  • Neymar gona have a rise in him when he is named in starting 11 again. Pogba gona rise, hopefully when window shuts, but likely also a slight dip yesterday for injury. So now they are both at good value for the next 6 months. Not going to go far wrong whichever way you go. Or buy 100 now costing you 725 or 693 and use the leftover to flip moise kean, pepe or aubameyang today to try and increase the pot to afford the 100 in the other player. Plenty of games today for a quick flip.

  • Now that transfer talk is all-but-over (maybe another day or two given how The Express don't seem to write about any other footballers atm) my feelings are such :-

    Neymar = PB
    Pogba = MB

    The two will cross-over from time to time (Pogba won a couple of PBs last season and I can see Neymar winning MB after his first game back and the first time he scores a hat-trick against Dijon etc) but pretty much that would be my approach if I was thinking of owning both from this point on-wards.

    As it happens I didn't have the stones to hold onto Pogba throughout the summer, but I have recently topped up my Neymar holding.

  • £6.92 for Pogba surely the only way is up. I've topped up.

  • @Carboney I’ve been wanting to hold 1 of the top boys for ages and after going over and over for ages went for Pogba.
    I’ve got in at a good price (I hope) the lead up to euros swayed it for me

  • @Vespasian32 still Learning so no flipping going on at the moment for me to be honest. Was thinking about Pogba but only concern is he’s not going to win much pb even when Europe starts I expect him not to play until the later stages. Pepe is a good shout but because of the euros next summer trying to limit the amount of players not involved. Cheers for your thoughts👍

  • I feel like some of the newer traders will be unaware of just how much of a PB earner Neymar is too. Last season he played in 17 games (starting in 16) and won Forward player 7 times, on four triple days and three doubles for 26p, as well as Star Player twice for 3p, a total of 29p PB return over half a season, which is 4% of his current price.

    Of course, that was on the old matrix, and I imagine the consensus is the new matrix will suit Neymar more - key passes, dribbles etc - so you would hope to see around 10%+ PB return over a season (off his current price of £7.25). Factor in MB too and you're looking at a very good earner for dividends, not even considering cap app!

  • @Carboney if buying neymar do it now to get a chance of today's mb. Tick tock

  • @Carboney the whole Pogba doesn't win PB thing is a bit of a myth tbh and I'm not sure where it came from. He has won 7 top midfielder and 5 star man dividends which is a lot more than most of the players that some people like to coin "PB Beasts" he is predominantly a MB hold but will also chip in with the odd PB which is always a bonus

  • @TraderJ I’m also thinking united will play quite a few Monday night games due to being in Europa league?

  • @TraderJ That is under the old matrix though - whether his performances will do enough to keep him earning those sort of returns is yet to be seen. You have to balance whether the new matrix suits him enough to keep him ahead of the rest of the pack. I'm not convinced he'll do as well this year - however, that is just my opinion!

  • @Mad4it I wish somebody would buy my shares I've got for sale and I'd be all over that £6.92

  • @IceCat get where your coming from my gut feeling is Pogba is gonna drop more than he has already so not in any rush to make a rash decision

  • @IceCat he's already won one PB this season under the new matrix and all of his scores so far have been very respectable. What is your reason for thinking it won't translate?

  • @Collymore10 exactly and maybe he'll pick up a few Europa PB wins as well

  • @TraderJ Because I feel the new matrix suits Neymar much more than Pogba. According to IndexGain, Naymar's average PB will be much higher than Pogba's - Neymar's average is calculated as being a shade over 1.5x that of Pogba's per game. For the price Pogba is, I don't think he justifies the PB earnings; but of course he is bought for his MB earnings primarily. It's not that I think he will not earn any PB, I just think his value does not justify the potential PB earnings given how the change is calculated to impact his game. Make of that what you will - to each their own! I feel people are underestimating Neymar's PB earnings as we havent seen him play in half a year, and not at all under the new matrix....

  • @IceCat I totally agree Neymar is a much better PB player, no question about that. Pogba is primarily a MB hold but I was just mentioning that there seems to be some sort of narrative around Pogba that he never wins PB but that just simply isn't true. If you're looking for a player to purely bring in PB then Neymar is probably the better option. Personally I think they are both great holds and will offer a steady stream of dividend income to reinvest

  • Do people think pogba will drop any lower? Want to top up but trying to work out if this price is the end of the drop

  • @ChazFI123

    In my opinion, no.

    This is the cheapest Pogba and Neymar will be for a long time - unless they suffer a very serious injury or commit a bad crime.

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