IS Ronaldo ??? And jump on Greizmann ??

  • @Doug-s dont mean to sound like a dick but just make a decision man. What does anyone elses opinion matter?

    Its your money. You believe griezmann is the better option so believe in your decision and go for it.

  • @Stevo griezmann personally. I hold both

  • The euro’s will hold Ronaldo’s price up imo but griezmann will be higher for sure.
    Tricky with Ronaldo it’s more of a gamble, could earn some could Mb but his age just won’t go away and I would fear a big drop after the tournemount.

  • I’d stick with Ronaldo, at that much of a loss from IS I don’t think Ronaldo has had his spike yet and a lot of people have already got on to Griezmann.

  • @Stevo love the tough talk x I'm keeping him 😎👊

  • I think people mostly sell him cause he is getting older , but Ronaldo is no standart player , the guy is so in shape that he has atleast 3-4 years left of banging goals and especially with his ambitions to be the best he wont retire before him unless its a big injury .. So at this price i think he is a very decent PB and MB hold

  • @Nikitz71 I know , I know he is 😔, my portfolio had taken a massive nose dive , and Ronaldo was (is) my biggest asset and he is only 3p a share up from when I joined slowly coming down.... I thought if I flipped and swapped with Mr Griezmann I'd feel better as he's rising .
    Fraser my second biggest asset has plummeted from 1-40... to 1-23 ...
    Hoped for a move on the gold rush but I'll hold..👍

  • @Doug-s look for guaranteed performers that benefit under new pb matrix. For example, someone like Pjanic or Joan Jordan it was clear they would have massive cap app. check out Jonathan Quinns youtube channel mate its great

  • @Jdog I'll pass an eye over Sir 🧐👍

  • I wouldnt sell ronaldo.. . Not yet anyway... champs league abt to start.. he's the king!!

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