Tough week...

  • 2% down the past 7 days. Players just not performing, so frustrating when seeing others fly up 30p for a goal...

    Keeping patient though and hoping the international break may steady to market a bit. The volatility at the moment is frightening!

  • @Deej.11 Yep me too, not concerned though as I am confident that the players in my port will start to see returns.

    Its a volatile market at the moment and I expect there will be very good days and very bad days.

    Overall the Footsie is moving in a positive direction so I am happy to hold and ride out the troughs.

    I refuse t get involved in these quick flips that seem to be the latest trend as I am not able to follow FI during working hours so am not free to keep an eye on whats going on.

  • I was in the same position a couple of weeks ago but much healthier now - Pretty much all of my players were underperforming and even when I saw a small bit of growth it was quickly wiped out by some losses elsewhere.

    Hold your nerve and don’t be tempted to start making irrational decisions or let it get you down too much - I’ve taken plenty of 24-48 hour times outs during rough patches on here.

  • Dreading getting to look at my port when i get home from USA Friday morning, drops in lots of my players while i have been away according to the forum. Feel helpless not being able to respond to the market, hopefully the damage will not be too bad.

  • @MJDubya you can check ur port abroad, just don’t trade mate

  • It had been a fairly tough week until today. Josh sargent can have my children

  • New season
    New Matrix
    European transfer window
    New traders
    Messi injury
    Pogba happy (?)

    All will settle soon when people realise long term is the way to go. People still trying to figure out the matrix at the moment.

    I wonder if any of the data providers have analysed short term flips vs long term profit? There's merit in both, and be interesting to see the comparison when you take into account commission, spreads, failed flips etc. Better just to ride the storm if you ask me.

  • @Metropolis that's the plan, I'm not trading at the minute. Just sticking with what I've got and watching the market instead of trying to keep up with all the reactions and volatility. At the end of the storm...

  • @Mr-Random-number I keep getting a message saying I need to try again in another location where I can trade, even though I am only trying to have a look ☹️

  • @MJDubya go online not the app. Worked for me

  • Yes go via browser not app

  • Cheers i will give it bash

  • @MJDubya careful??? I've just got back from California trip I blocked myself out by timeout gambling bit,
    I read somewhere online that you aren't allowed log in . before I went under any circumstances in United states ....otherwise it will cancel your holding and refund your monies...
    I went online to view and checked out my players I could remember without logging in.

  • Logged in from Greece and Lithuania no problem. By the way admin, my real name is @Andy-M

  • I had 2 defenders in one team both score own goals in the same game this weekend. Picking up big injuries all over the place too.
    Sums up my port this week.

    Every player will have their day over a season though, mostly...

  • @MJDubya copied and pasted from help and F&Qs

    Restricted Areas

    For various legal or commercial reasons, we do not permit accounts to be opened by, or used from, customers based in the United States of America.

    Jurisdictions may be changed by us from time to time without notice. You agree that you shall not open an account, nor attempt to use your account from jurisdictions in which BetIndex is not authorised to operate and/or in which it is prohibited to gamble online.

    Customers found to be in breach of the above will have their account closed and deposit/s refunded.


  • 3.13% down for seven days :( A tough week indeed. Hoping for better next week. Positive thinking, one step back to take two steps forward...

  • @Boris999 oh mate that is brutal. How are you adapting? Waiting patiently? tweak in strategy?

  • @Boris999 actually it’s one step forward two steps backwards at present on football index for people with decent portfolios. Will it change ? Let’s hope so but it seems the new traders are after quick gains with high risk of losing money, bit like normal betting.

  • I’ve just bought myself a nice stone island watro ripstop jacket out of my profits to make myself feel good if all goes tits up 👍

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