Tough week...

  • @Valhalla pretty much exactly the same mate, I think we have very similar ports from what I’ve seen you posting

  • @Saw72 I bet if you didn't check your portfolio for next seven days you would almost certainly find your portfolio would have recovered most if not all your losses over the past couple of days.
    Prices just cannot go up without a correction at some point and we seem to have had a mini one here plus money has probably been taken out of stocks for the ipo's tomorrow.
    It's been said a hundred times before and it's that magic word...Patience😉

  • Yes mate your right..I must admit I'm very unpatcient person I
    I'm keeping a stiff upper lip and holding fast I'll be topping up my players on friday.Hopefully with qualifying games on the go there will be a spike and perk me up.
    I must admit I'm on all the time checking I'm addicted to FI and

  • @Mr-Matt
    I was going to reply to this thread, but you’ve just said it all very well so I don’t need to.... hang on I just replied saying I don’t need to reply! Doh!

    But we’ll said. Surf the waves people, surf the waves.

  • @Saw72 for me I came into this platform as a long term trader, I’ve grown % wise month on month since June (little by little) doing extensive amounts of research but these last few weeks I’ve gone from 24% to just checking now 14%
    My fear is we are playing a different index now to what has been played the last few years.
    Part of me wants to buy these drops in prices, part of me wants to play this quick flip idea, part of me wants to not look at my port until end of September and actually maybe I’ll just buy injured players when they’ve hit their lowest price!

    So I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

  • Since the season started it’s been constantly up and down but I’m slowly learning to just be patient. There’s constant stuff going on which I believe has not given the market time to settle as we had deposit bonus media madness ipo pre season hype the actual season starting over a few weeks as different leagues kicking of a different times now the international break with ipds added for extra incentive and more money in the FI COFFERS and finally another ipo realease so it just making the market constantly move. Once this break is over then the season can really get going as champions league starts and the league cup kicks in and we’re all hoping our little flowers blossom. Not bothering while the internationals are on and I’ll see what the port looks like when the good shits back on and finally can’t wait for 3 of the best players in the world to kick start there season and hopefully some PB along the way. Come back and do what u do best messi hazard neymar

  • I hear you bro..I hold all 3 n salha as taken a big dip too.
    That's my thoughts after the fun n games are done

  • They couldn't have picked a worst time for an IPO day. My portfolio was holding up ok until the announcement. It's in fecking free fall now.

  • Been a rough couple of weeks for me but this is a gambling platform based on a football stock market. Great article from Mr Matt about the reality of this platform and the truth behind any index linked investment or trading on real markets.

    It's been growth all the way since I joined and I suspect we may see another week or two of falls/stagnation whilst the all the investors who invested only to see positive growth remove their funds at the first sign of a dip.

    It's actually a great time to reinvest new money to buy as the market flatlines before then moving back in a positive direction.

    Its just having the timing, and nerve to reinvest to maximise profits but I am sure this is only a correction in the market after some massive gains which are unsustainable.

    Good luck to all and I hope that you can hold your nerve as I suspect, like many investors before, if you do fold, you will regret selling when you see the value of your futures in 6-12 months.

  • @Mr-Matt said in Tough week...:

    @Mr-Random-number You are somewhat correct. But to clarify experienced players go on both past and present experience. Let me help give you some clarity. There are a lot more new traders and with a larger number of people playing, volatility increases. There will be harder rises and falls as more people are running off fear and greed. And by the way, I'm glad to see more volatility as this means more profit for FI which makes me feel more confident that they can pay our dividends, consider increasing dividends and build their company even stronger with more marketing, staff and infrastructure. But at the same time the longer term traders who have bought into the top players ports will continue to grow - and if you checked in once every 6 months this would be clear fact, but checking in on a day to day basis, the volatility can sometimes conceal the long term picture. This is because despite the market having more short term traders giving more volatility, there is a lot more money being added to longer term positions too. You can get a vague idea with the growing number of existing traders using FI like a savings account, the predictable rise on payday, the insane amount of money that goes in during promos, bonuses or big event days like share splits or dividend increases etc. And with a triple marketing budget this year loads of newbies are signing up and still figuring out the market. I'm seeing forum user registered at over the 400k mark now. All very positive signs that we continue to grow. Yes volatility has increased and it will continue to do so but don't let that confuse you that the overall price of the top players will also continue to increase too. It has to as more money keeps being added to the market.

    I have been with FI since August 2017 and have been through many peaks and troughs. I also trade on real markets that are super volatile and make Fi look like a kindergarten market in comparison. So I honestly do find these types of comments extremely comical but at the same time, i'm also extremely understanding and compassionate toward them. Most people have short memories and forget the highs when they are deep in the lows. And most people don't have the psychology of a pro trader, so if they see 5 or more days of red numbers most people's minds panic and start to become irrational. But my port and all the ports of the people I've introduced to FI have been rising all this year but we've also experienced a handful of dips which is totally normal. We are in one right now. My port has dropped 0.79% this week including 0.23% today. But it rose far in excess of this consistently over the last 5 weeks prior. A good exercise for you to do is to track a snap shot of your 24hr port figure + cash balance on a spreadsheet and auto calc the difference in a daily / weekly / monthly / annual basis and so long as your port is not made up of mostly garbage you will be pleasantly surprised. It will help you keep a long term view of the real picture. Come back to us at the end of the year and let us know how it goes. But if this type of volatility is not for you then of course take your money and run but I've lost count of how many times I've read of people kicking themselves for leaving fi only to see it continue to grow from strength to strength when they check back in.

    btw you can read the link below of another time I wrote 6 months ago when we were in another dip. People were freaking then spelling the end is nigh but of course it was just another short term dip before another continued rise. These dips will happen again and again and again and the short term volatility is only going to continue to increase so you're gonna have to get used to it or if not then, maybe it's not right for you to be in this game.

  • We have virtually 2 weeks of international football. The money will flow back into the top guys/medium priced players soon as most of them are internationals.

  • Glad to see this thread had dropped so far down the list. Is everyone having a big green day? I've certainly gained back quite a bit of what I had lost since the weekend. I can see money flowing into Euro 2020 qualifiers once everyone realises most are double match days paying divs,

  • @Webbinho said in Tough week...:

    Glad to see this thread had dropped so far down the list. Is everyone having a big green day? I've certainly gained back quite a bit of what I had lost since the weekend. I can see money flowing into Euro 2020 qualifiers once everyone realises most are double match days paying divs,

    0.12% up today. Great to see green again. Wasn't pleasant being 3% down on the seven day stat many times during the last week or two. Onwards and upwards! Hope everyone else's fortunes are on the up again too.

  • Very very slight recovery. But at least I've stopped falling

  • @MickTurbo said in Tough week...:

    Very very slight recovery. But at least I've stopped falling

    bruno martella should start to rocket soon dragging your port with him :-)

  • 0.26% up last 24 hours.

    Means I'm roughly 0.5% down from my high a few days ago. So guess it's not been as bad as it's seemed for me.

  • 0.33% up last 24hrs.
    It's barely a recovery but at least there are signs of a turnaround.
    Think people have breathed a sigh of relief today just to see a hint of green.

  • @Woody hope so bud.

    Just looked at the serie a week night fixtures and topped up a good few

  • I am down again just over 2% in last 7 days and just gone up 0.3 % in last 24 hours. First rise in about 2 weeks. Time for an upturn I hope. Cant wait to get back from my hols and do some topping up, moving around and adding a bit more cash to my port. I wanted to get on Carrasco but as I am not back whilst Friday Pm that boat is sailing..

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