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  • As a newbie I am a bit confused how players futures can decrease after they have scored goals a day earlier. Vardy and Aquero to name 2 of them in my portfolio. Both scored 2 goals at the weekend and their values went down pretty much overnight. I thought they would increase. I would be greatful for any help. Thanks.

  • @NewUser414853 Could be a couple of things going on (and there's usually multiple drivers behind any rise/fall).

    These may include; With Vardy, if you follow his price, he has many rises and falls as he is largely a IPD hold now. Could be that people who had bought him up at the start of the season are approaching the end of their 30 day hold, so are looking to cash in now before the International Break, which he isn't involved in.

    Aguero is a little too expensive for a pure IPD hold - so there will be those disappointed he narrowly missed out on a PB win yesterday, despite scoring a brace. Like Vardy, he won't have another eligible game for a couple of weeks now. He has had only a minor dip though, as he is more of a longer term hold due to his price and PB appeal, whereas Vardy has dipped more % wise.

    Be sure people will be getting back on as the PL starts up again, and there's more and more cut throat traders out there who will look to sell at peak and buy back in at the mini-trough.

    The more you study the market, the more you'll be able to make sense and anticipate these little cycles, and try and make the most of them.... if you fancy it!

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