• Guys.. for all real madrid woes.. bale is back.. . Its safe to say he is a certain started when fit and not suspended..

    I see his price now gradually rising as he'll be scoring and asisting more often than not!!

  • @Zola25 no one is a certain starter and now hes suspended for the next game so if they batter the next team they play he wont be necessarily guranteed anything, that said credit where credit is due he did look sharp tonight and took his goals well.

  • @Shippers Hazard to return as well.

  • @Burial exactly though he will need a couple of games to get going i expect but if he plays well and scores Bales shot himself in the foot, his first yellow was so unnecessary

  • Bale is and has been Real Madrid's best player this season.

  • It's early doors yet Pagey but you're right. He's been the difference maker so far.

    That said...

    Bale's price last season wasn't great. He rose primarily because of the transfer rumours and that rise was shattered by the China deal.

    If you look at the 1 Year graph, you'll see he was in decline this time last year, right until Christmas, when the rumours kicked in. I wouldn't be too surprised to see a similar thing, especially with Hazard coming back.

    The Chinese window opens again in a few months and after the Arnautovic situation, people might be a bit sheepish when it comes to buying in to a player who wanted to hit the CSL.

    Last night he scored 2 goals and got red carded... it still wasn't enough to win MB, so I think Bale holders probably aren't in for a good time of it.

    Of course... if OGS's youth strategy falls flat and United agree to bring Bale back to the Premiership, his current price tag is an absolute bargain but in my view, that's his main upside right now... the outside chance of a transfer to United, which is at best, not happening any time soon and at worst.... not happening.

  • Good to see him return to form, although the sending off was unnecessary.

    I see Wales have Azerbaijan on Friday too. Is he likely to start that game?

  • @ocs123 Yes. It's a must win game for Wales and without Ramsey, Wales will be looking at Bale to be the difference (again).

  • @ocs123 I bought him yesterday when he scored 2 goals for the IPD which not yet received but also because they have Azerbaijan. He could have a field day!

  • @C-Money I cannot believe traders are IS him with the Azerbajan game to come. Madness.

  • @Pagey74 it's just the usual Monday sell off. No big deal! Would have thought the red card and 2 goals scored would have given him more media today but clearly it hasn't.

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