De Bruyne

  • £4.25! Have I missed the boat? Seems very pricey

  • At least like me you weren't an idiot that sold him at £2.30 after running out of patience with him because of his injuries.

    As to whether you have missed the boat he’s guaranteed to win PB divs throughout the season. Already won 14p of PB divs this season, winning star man on two triple match days. If he continues that form no reason why he cant go up to £6 odd, so long as he stays fit. The changes to the PB matrix really do suit him.

  • In my opinion if he stays fit no , pb machine, injures could speak otherwise though. But he has been posting constant 200+ scores and looking good

  • He is amazing and I bloody love him. Your right though, if he get injured the price nosedives, if he stays fit and in the city team he could get near £6.50 in my opinion

  • He won pb on a treble match day after only playing 69 minutes.


    His price is only going one way whilst he remains fit.

  • @Tom7471

    I think so too. Compared to players who are higher priced he's a bargain .. his price will continuously rise barr8ng injury...

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