Anybody not received ipds?

  • Im missing Aubameyang and Zupata from what i can tell

  • Was wondering if it's related to when you held him.

    I had Thomasson for a while and was definitely credited at midnight.

    I held berardi already, sold at profit same day and then rebought into him after the drop(but before midnight)

  • I've received IPD for Perisic and Kane from over the weekend so no issues for me

  • anyone remember how it works??? is it paid day after these days??? I don't really go for IPD's as all my portfolio is longer term but recently snapped up a few Christian Eriksen's and he got a goal yesterday but not had anything in on checking!!!

  • @dannypea

    I had Peresic and he got goal and assist on Friday, i received my IPD on Sun, received my IPD for Kane this morning from the game yesterday

  • im still waiting on Lakaku's goal and a few others.

  • Slowly trickling in. I got pulgar goal a minute ago

  • i got mine.. eventually... which is pretty consistent with FI.. surprisingly though it said the time of payment was 1: 06.52am this morning which wasn't the case as it weren't in when i pulled it up earlier... i do worry that they have some young guy in the office doing all 200,000 accounts with winnings manually as they don't have a suitable automated system in place to look after these things???

  • All mine now.

  • At 1.13 this morning received my IPD for Jimenez's goal. They always sort it in the end.

  • Mine arrived in the post today with a crack on the screen


  • I have Costa and I thought he got 2 assists. However I only got paid 1p. Is this something that happens often?

  • I got paid for Sigurdsson’s assist, but not for Lamela or Son. Any ideas?

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