FI need to up their game

  • @NewUser107260 that isn't what happens.
    When they announce an IPO, many people sell up

  • @MrWh1te They drop if you are on players that are excessively beyond their rational value. I can name plenty of the top 200 that are way past their rational price - and it's only a matter of time before they drop. There are players that have underlying value and they will hold their price, but there are plenty that should be nowhere near the price they are right now. IPOs are needed now.

  • It may look to us like they arent doing much but the recently joined forces with nasdaq to help with most if not all the current issues. So where it may seem like nothing is happening ill bet behind the scenes its all because there is an awful lot going on in preparation fir big improvements. @Pagey74 you are in at an early stage of this platform where the rewards can be greater but the system isnt as smooth as it could be you’ve got to be patient and take the rough with the smooth

  • @Black-wolf Why don't they give us updates? Just because I'm in early doesn't mean I should except mediocrity at best cause I'm going to gain financially. Their tweeting shit this morning about treble media day today when they haven't even paid IPD's from yesterday.

    It's very amateurish at best.

  • @Pagey74 as @Black-wolf says they've teamed up with Nasdaq so i am hopeful things will improve greatly and its shows things are being done. These sort of things wont be implemented overnight. Yes its annoying in the meantime but we're talking what 24 hours later of receiving money. Betting companies still have techincal issues and many gamblers couldnt cashout Saturday at bet365, ladbrokes plus others. Techinical issues happen and id rather they delay the IPO and get it right then it be a disaster each time. To suggest the end is near for FI is ludicrous, behind the scenes this Nasdaq partnership will be huge.

  • Are you going to be like this every week when your IPD's aren't paid by the time you wake up @Pagey74?

    I remember it was you banging the "FI is a joke" drum last time your dividends took a few hours to come through.

    They have NEVER said your In-Play Dividends will be paid by X time. Have some patience.

  • @LukeMalla Read the whole post before mouthing off.

  • @Pagey74 said in FI need to up their game:

    Their tweeting shit this morning about treble media day today when they haven't even paid IPD's from yesterday

    Which bit from above is it you need me to re-read?

    Or would you prefer I read this stupid comment from the IPD thread instead?

    @Pagey74 said in Anybody not received ipds?:

    Not received Bale's ipd either. This is becoming a joke now,

  • @LukeMalla Stating facts pal. That is all.

  • Fun stops , stop!!!

  • @Pagey74 the end is nigh? Lol. quit the scaremongering. I hope the IT issues are dealt with but to say the end is nigh is ridiculous.

  • @Pagey74 the marketing department dont just stop doing their jobs because another department has got issues. Its not one guy juggling everything

  • @NewUser303261 Really? So if a similar platform was released today from another company who didn't have these issues you wouldn't be tempted????

    Traders who joined early on this platform are willing to put up with mediocrity because they have made lots of money so it's in their interest to defend FI's inept systems.

  • @LukeMalla said in FI need to up their game:

    They have NEVER said your In-Play Dividends will be paid by X time.

    The only fact you need to worry about is the one quoted above @Pagey74

    Put your dummy back in, go get yourself a coffee and chill out. You WILL get your dividends today, as is stated in the T&Cs.

    As for IPO's, I said in a different thread over the weekend (maybe Friday) that I for one am glad they're waiting while they sort the NASDAQ technology upgrades out. That last IPO we had where they had to cancel half of it was ridiculous. The IPO system has always been terrible because of the bots buying up the new releases before many actual humans can react and therefore forcing the prices up, but with the growth FI has seen recently on IPO day the servers just can't handle the traffic. You moan about players not being on the market. Tell me how happy you'd be if young Fati was IPO'ing at £1.50 and because the bots got there before you you had to pay £3?

  • I don't see why 'IF' these IT issues continue they can't just IPO players without telling folk at various times over a week as I think integrating them slowly would be less punishing on their system and lets face it.. someone like the Barca boy could be climbing to £3 & £4 overnight which is 'FREE MONEY' for FI bosses!!!!

    Surely a simple process simply to 'add a name' and hide it in the index somewhere and would be more exciting for the first finder rather than having to go up against the robots!!!! although knowing the robots they'll already be something tapped in to search for 'Ansu Fati' even before he's launched!

  • @LukeMalla Irrelevant. Cause he's not on the index due to the inept systems. Keep defending them as it's in your interests to do so. Whilst the platform is growing you continue to make money and are willing to accept a platform that cannot even do the basics right. That's where we differ. I won't.

  • @Pagey74 Then as I said last time leave - if you're not happy take your money and go as nobody is forcing you to stay here.
    None of us think the IT is acceptable but most of us reasonably understand that FI are taking the steps to address this with Nasdaq and are willing to give them the time to get that right.
    If you're not then that's your choice and you can leave - but I do find the constant whining boring and tiring!

  • @janner73 I find it morally wrong that people continue to support a product that has major faults just because they make money off it.

    The point of a forum is to give people a chance to debate and let off steam if they should so wish. I do find the constant defending of a product that we all know isn't fit for purpose quite staggering.

    But hey, we're all making money right?

  • Broken record alert

  • @LukeMalla


    So... eh... this is a little awkward lol...

    In the rules section, there's a paragraph that says:

    "Payouts for Match Day Dividends is between 12:00am (London time) and 3:00am (London time) on the day immediately following the day on which the applicable Dividend became due in accordance with the Dividend Table".

    And the dividend table refers to IPD's as they fall under Match Day Dividends.

    Look, I get it's annoying when folk complain but @Pagey74 , has a valid complaint and it's not a new thing. FI is an awesome product but it's poor form to have these problems on the regular. Especially given that the rule is you have to keep your player until you're paid... which means you're forced to choose between giving up your winnings or taking the hit if the player falls in price.

    I shit you not... even in the section about this rule there are sloppy errors...

    " To receive Match Dad Dividends you have to hold the footballer until you have been credited with the Match Day Dividends."

    Couldn't write it! 😂😂

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