How long will OGS get? And effect on main Man U players?

  • Manchester United have had a very indifferent start to the season - a stonking win against Chelsea, then draws against Southampton and Wolves, and a loss against Crystal Palace. I think it is already pretty clear that they are facing a fight for the top 4 this year, and if results don't improve soon then OGS' position will be under threat.

    So for Man U fans on here - what do you think is the position of the club on this? Will they be brutal if results don't improve, or as he's an 'old boy' who does get the Man U philosophy will he get more time? (I personally think he will be gone by Christmas - his last 16 league games have yielded 5 wins, 5 draws, and 6 losses).

    And for general traders, what are your positions on Man U players? I tend to avoid the overpriced youths, so I don't have the Greenwoods or James', but I do have a healthy dose of Pogbas, Rashfords and Martials. The latter three seem to be in a downward trend, but my feeling is under a new manager these will grow quite quickly, and there will be less space for the youth (I'm assuming they will go for a big name). So I would say now would be a good time to jump on or top up on those.

    I also think the moment the media sniff OGS' blood, they will be making up stories of Pogba leading a player rebellion against him etc. as with Mourinho last year - so again I think he's got a big rise in him coming up.

    These are just some thoughts I'm putting on the table; please feel free to put forward your own opinions. I feel there will be a lot of volatility in Man U players over the next few months.

  • October for me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although his investment in youth should bide him time if he picks up the odd win along the way!!!

    I don't feel any huge reason to panic (except the home defeat to Palace) but I do feel any less than 6 points from the 4 games prior to the match v Liverpool and should they lose that it's ha det for Ole!!!

  • Re the players.. him getting sacked will probably have a 'positive' effect!

  • Utd could have won all games, fine margins.

    He’s fine.

  • Slightly longer than Zidane they way things are going. Neither will be employed by Xmas

  • I actually hope we give OGS plenty of time. Any Utd fan who thought we'd be loads better off this season just because of two defensive signings needed a reality check, and we've gotten one already. It's obvious a massive re-build is needed, and to be fair to OGS he's started exactly where he needed to with the defence. I was hoping for some more creativity in midfield, but for the time being we have what we have.

    This trend of spending money and then sacking a manager and then letting another manager come in and spend loads more money is just compounding problems imho. OGS is currently trying to utilise players that SAF, Moyes, LvG and Jose all bought - as well as the 3 he's signed this summer. It needs fans, players and the higher-ups to have patience and temper our expectations a bit for this season, and probably next too.

    As for prices on FI - I actually made a fair chunk of money on Martial. He was as low as £2.15 when I got on him at the start of July. Rashford has been rising all summer until the last week or so with the bad results against Palace and Southampton. A turn-up in form will see these guys rise again I'm sure.

  • Don't think he is under immediate pressure with him losing Lukaku & Sanchez.

    Although, there are some murmurs among the fans.

    Refusing to play Greenwood & his deployment of Pogba in a two rather than giving him the attacking midfielder role is a particular bug-bear.

    Plus not targeting a proper RW or midfielder in the transfer window puzzled many.

  • Ole is all talk. He says what people want to hear but he doesn't deliver it - he bangs on and on about youth but he doesn't give them the chance he keeps saying he will.

    I give him until the October international break.

  • Personally I would be surprised if he is not in charge come the end of the season, I think people are starting to realise how big a rebuild this is, I think they have to give him time considering their tactic of keep changing manager hasn't really worked out. The thing that worries me most about him is I'm not convinced he's tactically that great, so even if he does understand the clubs 'DNA' etc and what it takes to rebuild, I worry that even with a great team and rebuild he may still be lacking tactically compared to other top managers. Where they've come unstuck in basically every game is where a team with a bigger squad would sub on a player at the 60/70 minute mark, United haven't been able to. Ole has had so little attacking options (which is their own fault) and he doesn't have any game changers on the bench really. They've had to bring on Mata and a 17 year old. Don't think the Wolves and Southampton results are that bad, but the Palace result and performance was the exact same as it has been for the past 4/5 years, It was shocking to watch.

  • Hope he gets given the time to improve. Roma wasn't built in a day, these things take time, and despite the negativity, we are much better than just a few months ago. The main complaints about last season were "deadwood", such as Felani, Valencia, smalling, Darmian, Lukaku, Sanchez - all shown the door, Matic too slow - barely kicked a ball this season, the average age of a mourinho team - now much lower, Sanchez wages causing unhappiness in the dressing room - gone. These are small, but important steps being taken. Yes, there's still some players that we'd like to see moved on but too many ins and outs in one window would have be disruptive, in twelve months time Jones, Rojo, Mata, Matic and who knows who else will have moved on also, and Ole will have a side that he is happier with. As for the inbound transfers, is there anybody who thinks Ole was in any way at fault for United not signing any particular players? Had sod all to do with him, or even the equalizer, it was Matt Judge who negotiated for players. No way Ole was sat with Woodward going "Fernandes? Nah, looks shit. Sancho? Bollocks to him, get me the best sprinter in the championship instead". Ole is doing a job with the tools provided, and has already given better results against Chelski and Wolves who will both be challenging us for European qualification.

  • If they have any sense, they're going to keep him for 5 years and give him a chance to build up a war chest, whilst making sure the kids have a great mentality. Let him ride out the Man City/Liverpool peak years before starting a new era with half a chance of getting back in the game.

    But they don't have any sense... so Christmas?

  • @Dan-The-Man Gary Neville said something similar in the wolves game, he said that United can't compete with Liverpool/City for a good few seasons, but what Ole has to do is try make sure United are prepared to capitalise on when Pep and Jurgen leave their teams.

  • @ChazFI123

    Shoot me now! I'm thinking like a Mancunian. A dirty red one at that.

  • @Dan-The-Man said in How long will OGS get? And effect on main Man U players?:

    ears and give him a chance to build up a war chest, whilst making sure the kids have a great mentality. Let him ride out the Man City/Liverpool peak years before starting a new era with half a chance of getting back in the game.
    But they don't have any sense... so Christmas?

    If the club was run by footballing people, this would be the case.

    Unfortunately it is run for shareholders and commerical partners, and a club that is not threatening the top 4 will not go down well with them. Hence why I think he will be under pressure quite soon.

  • If Utd don't start getting decent results soon, the pressures definitely on. The owners won't accept anything less than an improvement on last season. It doesn't matter who the manager is or what his background is, what counts is results, and results haven't been good. Look what happened with Moyes, LVG, Mourinho. Solksjaer is no different to them just because he's a united man. Plus, the fans will only accept poor results for so long before they turn. Same goes with the players, one in particular. I hope I'm wrong, I don't support any Premier League team and am not bashing Utd. Having as many teams as possible challenging for the title is good for the game the way I see it.

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