• My port is starting to drop since this announcement - can't quite work out who people are planning to lump on though at those prices.

  • @Webbinho They've just been released now.

  • @MickTurbo its because he plays for forest. It seems like they have to ipo a new forest player every time

  • This won't help portfolios at all,cheers FI nice timing☹

  • What time do they usually release IPO’s??

  • @kristiang85 said in IPOs!:

    @jay said in IPOs!:

    And it is great they do not mention times - hopefully it will mean less strain on the servers.

    Yes, it will be less strain on the servers, but I think not having times will be a bad thing, as the bots will still get in there first as they can scan the index all day long and pick up the new players seconds after they are added, with the normal traders not even knowing about it.

    At lest with the times you can be online for the 2hr window and have a small chance of picking up the player at a decent price. Now you won’t know what time to check, you’ll have to potentially be online refreshing every 30second from midnight tonight till midnight tomorrow night 🤯😟

  • @Nikitz71 They're on the site now!!!!

  • @EThomas9 yeh I thought the same bud

    @Gazz127 I really hope this explains the pain we've already felt. Besides, 99% of buyers tomorrow will be flipping, the money will be back where it was to begin with by wednesday.

    This might actually be just what weve all needed

  • @Nikitz71 it was 10-12 and 12-2 last time they gave tine intervals. More recently they IPO a bunch of Sheff U, Norwich and Villa players but that went largely unnoticed. I imagine this lot will start around 9am-10am.

  • Can someone post the list on here as my phone wont let me navigate the news page so i cant see the prices

  • @EThomas9 Footballer Position Club Price
    Marcus Browne Midfielder Middlesbrough £0.50
    Goncalo Paciencia Forward Eintracht Frankfurt £0.80
    Zinho Vanheusden Defender Standard Liège £0.50
    William Defender VfL Wolfsburg £0.60
    Sebastian Szymanski Midfielder Dynamo Moscow £0.60
    Ishak Belfodil Forward TSG 1899 Hoffenheim £0.70
    Mohamed Ihattaren Midfielder PSV £1.20
    Jeremie Boga Midfielder Sassuolo £0.80
    Florentino Luis Midfielder Benfica £1.20
    Martin Aguirregabiria Defender Alavés £0.70
    Krystian Bielik Defender Derby County £0.80
    Yari Verschaeren Midfielder RSC Anderlecht £0.90
    Thiago Almada Midfielder Velez Sarsfield £1.10
    Alexander Nubel Goalkeeper FC Schalke 04 £0.50
    Laszlo Benes Midfielder Borussia Mönchengladbach £1.10
    Rayan Ait Nouri Defender Angers £0.90
    Todd Cantwell Midfielder Norwich City £1.40
    Carles Perez Forward Barcelona £1.20
    Sammy Ameobi Midfielder Nottingham Forest £0.50
    Rodrigo Becao Defender Udinese £0.80

  • Haha who's bright idea was todd cantwell for £1.40 then?

  • I only like Cantwell from that list but it's gonna cost something like £2 a share before I even get look in.
    I'll pass me thinks.

  • No times! Unless you can park yourself on your backside all morning tomorrow with absolutely nothing to do you can forget getting on anything at any price that you won’t be dumped on.
    Good luck.

  • I see Cantwell first hand on saturday and he looks a decent prospect. But at £1.40 starting price no thanks.

    Maybe perez now he is playing more at Barca.

    But if you look at other fringe Barca players (which he will inevitably be once Suarez and Messi are back) then his price looks prohibitive long term.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Agreed,working tomorrow so no chance to access these ipo's but I'm not that excited by the list anyway.
    Take Cantwell, by the time you get on him at around £2 say you'd be buying maybe the 60th most expensive player on the index and that's hard to justify after 3-4 games played only.
    Just my twopennysworth😉

  • Some of those on the list are ones that got delayed after the debacle last time.

    I'm Sure Marcus Browne was on the list from a few weeks back.

  • Todd Cantwell gets ipo’d as the 150th most expensive player on the index 🤔
    Go home FI you’re drunk.....

  • @Gregolocky Could be near top 50 by tomorrow lmao.

  • @NewUser275766 It's all the ones that were missed from the last time.

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