• Why has he dropped so much today, is he playing somewhere? He doesn't seem to have featured much for Seville despite looking a promising player.

  • @NewUser140034 according to a few very debatable reports on twitter, besiktas are interested.

    However, as a holder myself in very dubious about believing Twitter as I read their owner said he wasn't for sale. Cant see anything concrete to say besiktas have made any offers though unless anyone else has seen anything.

    Wherever he goes I think he'll get goals so I'll be disappointed if he ends up in Turkey as with all due respect I think he is far better than that.

  • And javier Hernández has just joined who is probably the best of the lot now.

  • @Stevo More chance he ends up at Bordeaux. Im buying if he goes there.

  • Bordeaux seems a good fit. Could depend on Kamano though. He is being linked with a move to Torino so if that happens Bordeaux are very short up top

  • Also Israel playing Macedonia and Slovenia so reasonable chance he could score in the internationals.

  • Interesting that Munas tanked because people bought the besiktas rumour. Perfect time to top up imo, despite another forward coming to the club

  • @Marc-G they surely aren't going to just have him sat waiting around till January. As I've said before IF he plays I have no doubt he'll score goals.

    It baffles me why they've bought to not give him a chance.

  • No strange transfer for Dabbur, a goal for his country last night, surely he will feature despite Hernandez joining the club.

  • @NewUser140034 it's very very strange, i was going to get on last night as his price has bottomed out now. Did some research ad found this thread on him and that Lopetegui is unwilling to play him as he doesnt speak Spanish ans cannot understand the tactics. This sounds bizare to me, surely they knew signing him that he spoke no spanish. Also most players worldwide speak English anyway to a level that will at least allow football instructions to be understood. If it was a matter of him understanding the team tactics, why go out and get Hernandez. Wasn't happy to get on after reading all that. He may very well rise soon though.

  • @BarbayanBrawler I read that the owner said he wasnt as fit as the rest of the team but hes been working on it and he will feature when they think hes ready. Hes played both games for israel and if they didn't want him in the team then surely they'd have just let him go instead of holding onto him to rot on the sidelines.

    I stocked up when he dropped as I just honestly think he'll get plenty of goals when hes in the side.

  • @Stevo he was on the bench last night for Israel

  • I bought some, got an assist last night, seville are short on strikers for him not to play, after he didn’t move it looked like an opportunity to get on him. Still have Hernandez. Hopefully back to near £1 soon.

  • @BarbayanBrawler he still came on and played though. Got an assist.

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