Was this a mistake? Should I alert football index?

  • I got 2.50 dividends for ghiglione assisting a goal. But I bought my shares long after the final whistle. Is this supposed to happen or should I let them know to save my account being reprimanded?

  • Expect a knock on your door in the next hour from Adam Cole and his heavies.
    If you explain to him that you purchased the shares before midnight, he'll probably go easy on you.

  • @Millonarios you get the in game divs for goals and assists on the day as long as you buy them before midnight.
    So if you see someone scoring and you buy that same day you're guaranteed cash back on any goals or assists or clean sheets (GK)
    they've had.
    For the best def, mid, forward and overall best match score dividends, you have to buy the shares before 14:00 that day.

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