New user help and reccommendations..

  • Hi, I'm a new user with £1000 deposit. My aim is to show profit in 2-3 years and my strategy will be to hold young players over the next few seasons until they peak and hopefully show my huge profit. Does anyone have any advice and how not to panic when my portfolio is down like £50? Any replies much appreciated traders...

  • All in on Renato Sanches and watch the cash roll in

  • @AlexJones87 this was written by some else on another thread .....players go on both past and present experience. Let me help give you some clarity. There are a lot more new traders and with a larger number of people playing, volatility increases. There will be harder rises and falls as more people are running off fear and greed. And by the way, I'm glad to see more volatility as this means more profit for FI which makes me feel more confident that they can pay our dividends, consider increasing dividends and build their company even stronger with more marketing, staff and infrastructure. But at the same time the longer term traders who have bought into the top players ports will continue to grow - and if you checked in once every 6 months this would be clear fact, but checking in on a day to day basis, the volatility can sometimes conceal the long term picture. This is because despite the market having more short term traders giving more volatility, there is a lot more money being added to longer term positions too. You can get a vague idea with the growing number of existing traders using FI like a savings account, the predictable rise on payday, the insane amount of money that goes in during promos, bonuses or big event days like share splits or dividend increases etc. And with a triple marketing budget this year loads of newbies are signing up and still figuring out the market. I'm seeing forum user registered at over the 400k mark now. All very positive signs that we continue to grow. Yes volatility has increased and it will continue to do so but don't let that confuse you that the overall price of the top players will also continue to increase too. It has to as more money keeps being added to the market.

    I have been with FI since August 2017 and have been through many peaks and troughs. I also trade on real markets that are super volatile and make Fi look like a kindergarten market in comparison. So I honestly do find these types of comments extremely comical but at the same time, i'm also extremely understanding and compassionate toward them. Most people have short memories and forget the highs when they are deep in the lows. And most people don't have the psychology of a pro trader, so if they see 5 or more days of red numbers most people's minds panic and start to become irrational. But my port and all the ports of the people I've introduced to FI have been rising all this year but we've also experienced a handful of dips which is totally normal. We are in one right now. My port has dropped 0.79% this week including 0.23% today. But it rose far in excess of this consistently over the last 5 weeks prior. A good exercise for you to do is to track a snap shot of your 24hr port figure + cash balance on a spreadsheet and auto calc the difference in a daily / weekly / monthly / annual basis and so long as your port is not made up of mostly garbage you will be pleasantly surprised. It will help you keep a long term view of the real picture. Come back to us at the end of the year and let us know how it goes. But if this type of volatility is not for you then of course take your money and run but I've lost count of how many times I've read of people kicking themselves for leaving fi only to see it continue to grow from strength to strength when they check back in.

    btw you can read the link below of another time I wrote 6 months ago when we were in another dip. People were freaking then spelling the end is nigh but of course it was just another short term dip before another continued rise. These dips will happen again and again and again and the short term volatility is only going to continue to increase so you're gonna have to get used to it or if not then, maybe it's not right for you to be in this game.

  • @AlexJones87
    Welcome just joined today ❓
    Most of us make silly buys at first
    Have a ‘strategy’ most start with portfolio of 15/20 players
    IMO just go slowly for first month (don’t think ur gonna make £100 straight away)
    Try & have ‘diverse portfolio ... some top 20 ..some PB guys ...some under £1 ..& some youth

    Enjoy it’s great platform...but you need ‘patience’

  • This was posted on another thread by a Mr Matt on 'Tough week thread' great read and will put things into context.
    You tube Jonathon Quinn
    And FI manager

    For videos and help

    They sum it up with all great advice

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  • @Friedeggs That's great thanks for the reply mate

  • @AlexJones87 I'm only here a week but one thing I learned the hard way (but luckily I was only playing around with 20 pound) is that your shares last only 3 years and you should sell them before 3 years time.

    I had bought 18 and 19 year old youth internationals for dirt cheap thinking I was just quadrupling my money at the very minimum simply for waiting 5 or 6 years lol.

    Luckily because I was just starting small I only lost about a pound selling them.

    Make sure your long term plans only involve a 3 year maximum bro.

  • @AlexJones87

    All new users should have a read of the "All things Football Index" thread pinned to the top of the subject list. Written by @Misto and other experienced traders, pinned to top of list by FI and even better Misto and others recently edited and updated content.

  • @Doug-s Very useful thank you!

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