What's everyone's biggest mistake?

  • My biggest mistake was selling reine-adelaide at 70p after holding for a few months for him to spoke at £1.30. I'm a fairly new trade but I had 1200 shares in him which was frustrating

  • Most mistakes made on FI is down to lack of patience. Holding shares will nearly always pay off over time.. I mean. (Over a season or two). Not to hit the panic cash out button which is always a temptation when prices start dropping or personal funds get tight is tough I know. The biggest loss personally for me was Gareth Bale, not once but twice, once after CL success and manager wanted to sell then this year when he was suddenly going to China, massive drop, sold up then it was off and his price went back up 0.70p aggggh... v painful.

  • @Tom7471 I held mason mount when he was 1.00 😡😡😡😡😡

  • I got shafted by Dybala, used to be one of my fave players, now I cant bare to watch him.. bought in way too late beleiving he would go to utd or spurs, and a day later he was over a £1 down..

  • Had around 300 Tyrone Mings bought at 24p, sold around playoff final time for 40ish p.

    As another user mentioned patience plays a big part, if you believe in a player hold tight.

  • @Tom7471

    I sold Pogba way too early.

    Got out at £8.30 and he went all the way up to £8.36. I kick myself all the time. If only I'd have held out like the forum members told me to. Just think of all that money I could have... tied up for months on end. Dang it!

  • I had Mbappe pre share split nearly 2 years ago at £2. If I held him it's the equivalent of £18 right now given his value taking away the split!!!
    Luckily I re bought him last year and still made a very solid return on holding so far.

  • Eze 62p sold at 72p what a twat(300 shares)
    Alcacer 88p sold 98p twat (300 shares)
    Martial £1.88 sold £2.80 (100 shares)

  • Not joining FI a year earlier!!

  • Probably not selling Ayoze Perez at his 1.44 spike when I'd bought for 88p. Now sitting at 83p, holding though as I'm confident he'll hit another spike at some point this season.

    Similarly not selling Bale at 3.30 when bought for 2.40.

    Dont dwell on your mistakes though people!!!

  • A girl called Lisa. She was 17, I was 21. She was a bitch but had and an amazing ass. Body to die for. She didn't get on with her mum so we got engaged and moved in together after 2 yrs.
    It went downhill from there.

    Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest

  • @ScouseSte

    All the boys remember Lisa.

  • Pedro Guilherme..... Bought in at 1 pound, watched him rise with united links which obviously didn't happen. He then fell to around 80p and I felt he was out of form so I IS (I never IS) as I thought I could use money better elsewhere then bang.... He signs fiorentina today ffs...

  • @Dan-The-Man said in What's everyone's biggest mistake?:


    All the boys remember Lisa.

    Hahaha quite likely

  • What's everyone's biggest mistake? How long have we got?

  • Not having as much patience as I thought.

  • Getting caught short in a Graveyard one morning after a heavy night on the ale.

    The vicar spotting me crouching down behind one of the Gravestones
    he says "Morning"

    I reply "No, just having a dump"

  • My biggest mistake...selling Madisson after the U21 tournament elimination.

  • Matthijs de Ligt. Bought him while I was still learning. He was moving from Ajax to a PB league so I thought it was a sensible purchase. What I didn't realise was I bought him at his peak due to speculation he was joining the premier league. Once the move to Juventus was confirmed all it did was make his price drop.

    I held because I thought it would recover eventually but he just dropped further.

  • @Advinculas-Index 👀🤣😂

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