Lukaku value

  • Hi guys, whats lukaku's FI peak. .. he will score goals regularly in my opinion.. . But havung said that lewandowski scores too and his price 1.50 atm .. .lukaku is younger though but one seasons holds lewandowski seems bettwr value.. . I hold both as i th8nk lukaku will continue to rise for euro 2020 too as belgium will be fairly strong.

    Maybe he will get to around £3 ?

  • @Zola25 Title contenders, Champions League, Euro qualifiers and Euros, young enough still. The guy scores for fun where ever he has been. Personally I reckon £3 come Xmas. I hold and will probably top up shortly.

  • £1.25-£1-50 is his value IMO, sure he recently won his first ever PB but it was on a 1 game day against a weak team, he's poor for PB overall. He won MB today but the circumstances were lucky (for lack of a better word) for holders, I don't think he'll be winning much of either long term.

    I Think a lot of the short term gamblers lumped on him with that single match day and the upcoming San Marino fixture in mind. Sorry holders but I think a considerable drop is very likely soon after San Marino, I could be wrong though.

  • @NallyCat nah...way to low, personally think he is a £3 player.

  • If Tammy Abraham can reach £3+ I definitely think lukaku can

  • For me - circa £2.50-3.00 - IF he shows the form we all know he can. He's still an age which means a return the the PL is not out of the question.

  • I have to say that I held lukaku for quite a while but sold out of before his last peak. For me he falls inbetween he 2 price marks. After the Belgium game his price is too expensive for IPDs. At £2+ he would have to score/assist 4 goals to break even in a month. Not great odds for me. And then his PB scores are notoriously low. (I know he won it the other day but everything was in his favour for that one) believe me - I held him for a full season. So for me he would have to drop back to the £1.60 mark to be of interest. Sure with the Euro Qualifiers and Euros his price will remain higher so it's one I'll accept to stay away from for now.

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