Amath ndiaye

  • Does anyone know when he’s due back after a terrible injury? Currently £0.41 I’m wanting to top up

  • I bought into him a few weeks back but can't find anything (in English) on twitter regarding when he will return.

    He should've been back to full fitness during the summer so will be eased in slowly.

  • @Chris-J yeah that’s what I thought.
    Got myself 350@£0.40p so hoping with European football he starts to hit 60-70p

  • @Matt-flint Yea should easily pass 50p when he returns fully and then onwards after some decent performances.

    I was hoping for Getafe to draw an English team where he may get noticed but looking at their group they should progress easily which is probably better for his long term value.

  • @Chris-J yeah totally agree they should and the cheaper below £1 players are flying at the mo so I’m expecting big gains 🤞

  • @Chris-J he’s up 2p for sum reason this afternoon 👍

  • Anyone got an update here? He hasn’t been involved in last couple of squads... 🤔

    Also how does one attach a pic in here 🕵️‍♀️

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