Tod Cantwell

  • I don't watch a whole lot of premier league outside of some of the big televised games like Arsenal vs spurs at the weekend. But I do watch a lot of EFL championship and I honestly don't know who this player even is. It was Pukki , Buendia etc. Last season Who performed everytime I watched.

    Why is his value so high?

  • @Millonarios he is class

  • Norwich fan. I can't see how he is worth £1.80 but hey, we will see.

  • 1 Goal and 2 assists in 24 Championship games for a team that scored 93 goals last season. Way overpriced for me.

  • @Millonarios a slow poor version of maddison who doesnt score

  • Good player but...... he's currently the same price as David Brooks.

  • Almost double the price he should be but hey makes Buendia who I do hold look cheap. Cantwell has had a good start to season and has obviously improved over summer but compare the two players last year and there is a vast difference. Now buendia is nearly 60 p cheaper. I was thinking of selling now I think it’s a hold

    Edit: having thought about it a bit more he’s incredibly overvalued. Probably played the best couple of games of his career thus far. As far as I know didn’t win PB or MB. If he carry’s on like he has (even if past form tells us this is unlikely) he may start to mentioned as a possible England call up. Except he is already behind madderson, mount, Willock and those already established such as alli and lingard, Barkley. The chances of him winning any pb or mb in near or even distant future is very unlikely.

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