defenders worth holding?

  • are defenders worth holding?

    I've heard of a lot of people saying that they no longer want to hold defenders... opinions?

  • @NewUser383114 I never used to have any defenders but how I have loads. People probably dont because they have less chance of winning in play dividends but if you choose the right ones you can far more in Performance buzz.

  • @NewUser383114 Huge value in defenders - they have the same amount of PB dividends available every match day as midfielders and forwards but are significantly cheaper.

  • Can't agree more probably best value on here for PB. Had couple ALBA wins (50p ave price share) compare that to STERLING and KANE prob same amount of PB wins yet 10-12 times cheaper

  • I hold a few these days. I tend to go for defenders that I expect to get a transfer but are already in a PB league. So for example I have Skriniar, Gaya and Mittelstadt as a few examples. I also hold other cheap ones.

    I had Jonjoe Kenny and obviously he scored and won PB and his value went up 30%. I took the divs and the profit and made 40% on him having only held him for about 2 or 3 weeks. A defender that grabs a goal will see large increases because it's 2p per goal for them and they are generally cheaper to start with.

  • @NewUser383114

    I had a quick look through my portfolio and of the 48 players I hold 22 are defenders. They have the same PB dividends as midfielders or forwards and for a fraction of the cost.

    VVD is now winning awards and MB as a defender and is probably favourite for the Ballon D'Or. Attacking wingbacks like Kimmich, Halstenberg, TAA, Alba, Trippier etc are always going to get assists and the occasional goal. Ramos is Real Madrid's penalty taker. Pique, Akanji and Tah are serial PB winners. Already this season after 4 weekends I have won PB with Marquinhos and Thiago Silva, both at PSG and also Asamoah. The only 2 players that have had a 100% rise in my portfolio are Ajer and Halstenberg.

    Even better value than defenders are those classed as defenders but often playing in midfield. They win the 25 point bonus for clean sheets but are more involved in the game with more touches, tackles, and higher chances of assists and goals. These include Kimmich, Halstenberg, Marquinhos and Asamoah.

    I hold all players in this post except Alba, Trippier and TAA, all of whom I sold for a healthy profit.

  • They make sense as an investment if your looking for PB returns at reasonable prices. I don't hold any personally as I'm in the capital appreciation game and the fact is defenders generally don't reach the high price levels attacking players can get to.

  • @Wiillaah yeah completely agree with you there - I should have specified in the post that i was more talking in terms of cap app - i understand that in terms of PB and IPD defenders are very attractive indeed. But is there much point holding them long terms.

    fyi - i'm holding TAA, Kimmich, Mittelstadt, Zinchenko, Toni Lato

    The post came about as they are all either slightly negative or marginally up, so was thinking if that money can be better used...

  • Yes, some of my best yielders are defenders due to them being cheaper pb holds than attackers.

  • Ramos and Alba are good value. Alba already won PB once this season. Ramos has good opportunity for Spain aswell soon.

  • @Dan-w Ramos with a pen and Alba an assist..😁

  • @NewUser383114 so did you end up buying any defenders?

  • Defenders are a must have for the cost against potential PB win or MB win, Asamoah, Alba, TAA, Kimmich, Ramos, VVD all constantly earning PB & for a fraction of other positions

  • Rob Holding imo is underpriced right now

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