IPO's (Stop bitching...lifes to short)

  • @janner73 This is a very good point, hadn't even thought of different time zones for people in other countries.

  • @speedloafer Problem is that I personally don't think there is a 'fair way', IPO's always cause issues.

    Oh well.

  • @janner73 Its not about the time its about how they did it, change the T&C and release IPOs just after midnight with no warnings.

    I just want a fair chance to buy these players.

    Its not like missing a price on a horse like you said earlier its more like if Betfair said they were offering a great price on a horse when the market opens, the market always opened at 10 am. Then Betfair change the T&C tell nobody and put the market up at 1am.

  • @gball1975 there is, look at the stock market, which FI is based off. Apple didn't release their shares in the middle of night with no warnings did they?

    If the site held up then the old way would work fine.

  • @speedloafer The ts and cs have never given a time for IPOs tho so I still don't see what's underhand. This IPO release and the one prior have not included times next to the names of the players being released. It was crystal clear there was no designated time - at least to me it was.

  • @speedloafer on the IPO announcement yesterday there was no time given which meant there was a good chance IPOs were going to be released at different times to normal. Some people guess just after midnight, others thought the normal time. This way was fairer as it gives different people a chance. What about people who are working and can't sit glued to their phone between 1000 and 1400. What about the people who work night shift? What about the people in other time zones?

    Giving more people an opportunity is the best and fairest way to do IPOs. The best thing about the random times throughout the day is that people might not sell of half their port the day before because there's no guarantee they'll be online when the player they want is released. This will bring a lot more stabity to the whole market.

    You've been bitching about this for hours now, don't you think it's time you got over it. You're worse than a child

  • @janner73 Yes last time there was no time, but did the T&C always say we wont announce the times while simultaneously announcing the times all those times previous?

  • @speedloafer They didn't but the ts and cs have never said IPOs will be released at 10am either. I agree ts and cs shouldn't be changed without letting people know but in the ipo case they've never named a time.

  • @Journey If bots didn't exist then yes random times would be fine, but bots do exist so now to get an IPO you will have to stay awake 24/7 on the day until he is released and still hope you beat the bots.

    And if you want me to stop bitching then stop replying to my posts ffs

  • @janner73 but they clearly did right up until two IPOs ago.

  • @speedloafer The ts and cs didn't give a time tho.

  • @janner73 No they announced them with the IPO but did the T&C really say "but specific timing of the IPO will not be announced" while simultaneous announcing the times or was it added after?

  • @speedloafer for fucks sake all you've gone on about today is bots, underhand tactics and "people in the know"

    Do you realise how ridiculous you sound. Fucking crying because you missed an opportunity to flip a player and make a little profit.

    When the fun stops. Stop.

    Think you might have a problem

  • @Journey Didnt you ask me to stop bitching 2 posts back? Didn't i say stop replying to my posts then......

  • @speedloafer But everyone moaned and bitched about the other way as well.
    It's a bit of a no win situation personally. At the end of the day, the T&C's have no time limits mentioned.
    And also 'bots' don't sleep and monitor 24/7...so its all a bit irrelevant really.

  • @gball1975 True but at least the old way you had a 2 hour window so going against the bots was possible.

  • just to keep everyone in the loop i spent some time sifting through the various IPO threads and emailed FI a summary of the general feedback (both positive & negative), and general suggestions people have made. who knows , might make a difference.

  • @G27 Good man. Like I mentioned, I personally didn't have an issue, was just trying to get my point across.

    But top man for spending the time off your own back to help out others....!!! Well done mate!

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