undervalue players now compared to IPO prices

  • Which squad players now look undervalued in comparison to crazy IPO prices?

  • @NewUser383114 All of them 😜

  • @NewUser383114

    They'll drop price as usual.. . And more renound players will gradually start to pick up prices... one example is ronaldo!!!

  • @Zola25 Ronaldo is the easiest player bar Arjen Robben on the whole platform to price up.
    He’s like an even money favourite that everybody knows should be an even money favourite!

  • This is actually what I am most worried by FI rather than the 1am drop. I think most people agree that the prices from the last couple of IPOs have been very high relative to similar players on the Index. Maybe a couple of exceptions but by and large most of them. This then leads people to think that other players are now undervalued, when 48 hours ago no one thought that, This is in effect market manipulation, as there has been no actual changes to dividends, any scoring matrixes etc! It should be up to the market to determine what is value, not them.

    It is similar to what a number of housing agencies do in London. Bump a a few houses in a neighborhood much higher in price, and then in time the houses around them will rise to a similar price creating a forced bubble. I really hope that this is not FI intention to do this

  • The thing with Ronaldo is that in around 2-3 years those shares will be worth precisely £0. His price is based on amount of dividends earned in a 3 year period (as all prices should be but there are tonnes of exceptions, especially when it comes to teenagers).

    Will he make more than his current price in dividends before retirement? I'm not sure and that's why his price didn't really rise after scoring at the weekend.

  • @stumac85

    It will rise after he performs in champs leagye.. or after his first hatrick!!!

  • I this example is brilliant

    Ilhattern 2.17
    Gravenberch 1.28
    Tahith chong 1.62

    I’m on Chong. All under 20 years old and Dutch.

  • @Tom77
    chong now looks unbelievable value if you compare him to both dutch and man utd youngsters

  • @G27 said in undervalue players now compared to IPO prices:

    chong now looks unbelievable value if you compare him to both dutch and man utd youngsters

    Especially when you consider he is only the second winger Utd have.
    Called up to Holland u21 also.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor I agree with what you say, but i was looking at it in terms of people taking money out of established holds to get on IPOs in the hope of making a quick flip. Hence, once IPOs drop, money should come back into established squad players.

    I do agree with what you say, but I wouldn't be that concerned with that, at least in the short to medium term (1-3 years). FI is still relatively young and still has a long way to grow in the UK alone, let alone the potential of opening it up to a few other countries.

    IPOs are just artificially inflated, mostly because of the hype around them and the previous profits that some traders were making on them. I think its pretty clear that FI are trying to change that imagine, by increasing the prices of IPOs (£1.40 for Todd Cantwell LOOOL) and by introducing them at random early hours (that could also be due to tech issues and having less traffic at those times).

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