The Great Dead Of Night IPO Drop. The Positives, The Negatives And The Future

  • if you open 20 accounts you will need 20 different id's, with the KYC that shouldnt be a big issue.

    I'd prefer to see IPO's done like in real world, you present the prospectus, in this case an opening price and some details about the player to be IPO'D, you then drop them in a pre sale for a week period at the IPO price.

    From here you can either allocate a limited amount of shares at IPO price, or let pre sale supply and demand determine the sales prices at go live, this would require a change in functionality of site, but its needed given IPO issues anyway

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Luke You could have one for you, parter, kids, brothers, sisters, parents etc They have no way of knowing.

  • @speedloafer yeah fair enough if you’ve got the time👍 Personally preferred the buzz of how they released the last lot even though it crashed the system but shit happens.

  • @Carboney I preferred it too as I could actually buy an IPO.

  • I got in on the last offering with Kubo and made good. Nice to pick them up but it's a lottery. There's danger of getting stung. If any changes were made it be nice to be sting free.

  • Actually one other negative. Sammy Ameobi? Sure FI sponsor the shirts but come on there are 10 plus must haves still to be IPOd. I'm sure we can all wait a century or 2 before snaffling a few thousand Ameobi shares.

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