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  • I recently purchased 10 shares of Fernando Torres, ex Liverpool and Chelsea, only to find out he has retired!!! I have tried to sell the shares but there is no selling price for him!! Have I now list my £3? Should he have been available to buy, if he had retired? Any help please

  • Really???? OH MY... !!!
    I think a call to customer service is needed. Someone brought Robben the other day as well .

  • @NewUser391269 No offence but If you are not prepared to do research in every player you buy then this place is probably not for you.

  • @speedloafer First time I have agree with you sir!! haha

  • @NewUser391269 Why did you buy ten shares in Torres? From memory his last club was in China. It's all well and good finding players who are cheap but ask yourself, why are they so cheap.

    It was fairly big news when he announced his retirement so I'm surprised you never heard it. Similar to the situation that has happened with Robben on the last few weeks when he said he might come out of retirement if he was bored, people snapped up shares and then complained when they couldn't instant sell and then when you couldn't sell to market.

    Do research on players. I imagine FI haven't removed him from the portfolio as futures are a 3 year "bet". Chalk this one up to experience and right off your £3.40 loss. Just be grateful you didn't buy 100 and just stuck at 10.

  • @speedloafer I do agree although I also believe it's completely wrong for a gambling site to allow a bet on a retired player and not in line with their own terms and conditions.
    100% people should do research on every player but if I was silly enough to buy a retired player i'd be pretty dam confident I could win any case to get my money refunded :)

  • @janner73 It is wrong. A boomakers couldn't list a horse that was a non runner while saying nothing taking the bets.

  • @speedloafer said in Retired players:

    @janner73 It is wrong. A boomakers couldn't list a horse that was a non runner while saying nothing taking the bets.

    Spot on. The ts and cs even say a player will be removed from the index the day after they retire.

  • I'm new to FI, joined today, but have been looking around and have noticed there are a number of players who retired months ago who are still available to buy (and some of them to sell too).
    I would have expected them to be removed by now.

  • Watch list not showing the last few days?

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