Marco Reus

  • In germany squad.. captain of dortmund.. champions league etc.. only problem is injury buy it looks like thats in the past now .. only 30 i think has good few years in him.. .at around 1.15.. i think its a really good price!

  • @Zola25 The only thing that worries me with Reus is his age - like you said he’s 30, and that’s getting a bit too old for my liking on here. Only Dortmund player I have is Brandt, and he’s my biggest hold (135 of him). If his age doesn’t bother you, then dive right in

  • @Andy

    Na it doesnt atm.. only injury but it looks good now.. as he in for germany too.. . I have 100+ in him and i think he will star in champs league this year along woth dortmund despite the set back this weekend.. shocking defeat!

    He and alcacer .. also gotze at his current value.. i think all three r great value for money... reus and gotze have not seen their peak as yet... alcacer has already risen considerably! In spain squad too. . . At his peak age also.. again only injury concerns othrwise will smash it...

  • @Zola25 I wouldn’t go anywhere near Gotze. He’s a squad player now, not a guaranteed starter. Can’t see him rising much higher than his current price

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