Is Alexis Sanchez The Safest Bet On The Market? (Actual Question)

  • He still has a few years left on his United contract and his loan to Inter doesn't feature the option to buy.


    If he recaptures his form, he's like a new high profile signing for United next season and if he doesn't recapture his form.... he'll still be heading back to United under a giant media cloud.

    There's always a chance United sell him... but realistically that only happens if he gets good again, because who else would pay his wages?

    Or does he drop down first?

  • @Dan-The-Man firstly to answer your question bluntly, no he is not at all the safest bet on the index, not one bit. Not saying he doesnt have value but what if he players badly, has a series of injuries yet again. Okay he goes back to United but he didnt exactly have a summer of media wins, he picked up a few here and there, imagine he says no thanks and goes to China because thats all who can afford him. So again, no not the safest bet one bit.

  • You have literally just asked the exact same question I type out an hour ago but then decided against posting due to me answering in my head my own question!! (I think that makes sense)

    No, he isn't...I honestly done think he would get in an Inter Milan first 11. Bench player / used if anyone is injured but I don't think he will start.

    Also, I think he has US League written all over him within 24 months if not next summer.

  • @Shippers

    He's at Inter... the club who tried to buy Bale, own Inter...

    So if he's doing badly, they are going to know about it right? If he has a shit season at Inter, would a Chinese team really be looking to pay his fat wages?


  • @Dan-The-Man but are all the teams in China owned by Inter Milan, so others could look at him but im more suggesting that as an example. If he has a bad season at Inter who else realistically is going to go in for him, it would still be huge marketing for a Chinese team. I actually hope he does well as i was expecting big things at United and hes been battered by injuries and slightly mismanaged if you ask me but for me he isnt the safest bet on the index but he isn't by any stretch the worse

  • @Shippers

    I think he'll bounce back at Inter. Seems like he did well over summer.

  • @Dan-The-Man he did okay for country but obviously that was a while ago so will need a bit of time to get going again, he could be good value if he plays well, my only concern is if he doesnt, then he ends up in a non pb league

  • He’s Inter’s 2nd highest paid player now (even with Utd paying 60% of his wages) so I can’t see him sitting on the bench. There’s no reason he can’t be a big success and hit decent PB, and the English media will stay interested as he’s ex-United. He’s not the safest but he’s a good hold for the coming season I reckon. I don’t hold... wish I did now after writing that.

  • Chop him up and put him in a findus pancake...his legs are gone. Honestly if he suddenly turns into a world beater every week at Inter I might cry myself to sleep at night, still can't believe how badly the whole experience went for him at United

  • @ChazFI123

    A bit reminiscent of Angel Di Maria


    I bought 100 of him months ago at an average of £1.27 and he's up to £1.49 at the minute (and top of the MB chart for now at least) but I'm 50/50 on him. Do I get another 900 or sell ha. Super tempted to do both.

  • @Dan-The-Man well hes at that price before even kicking a ball again so likelihood is he increases prior to being selected next. I personally feel its a risk, his injury record at United was dire but sometimes players go elsewhere and they feel brand new again and dont have those struggles/injuries they had elsewhere

  • @Shippers

    I think I'll hold off.

    I'm sure he'll come good in Italy. It's in the stars for Sanchez and Lukaku to be the most impressive due in the world now they've left United, but we'll see.

    I spent months in the red on him, so it's just nice to be in the green to be fair.

  • The bloke is finished no euros next year and ageing. The thing I find funny with him is he had the chance to play for the most dominant attacking team in the premier league and for a few extra ££ he decided to go play for Jose fucking Mourinho who’s teams are not known for attacking. Now it looks like it has back fired spectacularly. Must admit it couldn’t have happened to a nicer club though.

  • @Carboney

    You and I have different views on 'backfiring' ha. The man's made far more money at United than he ever would have elsewhere. That's my kind of backfiring.

  • @Dan-The-Man FairPlay but on just football terms big mistake 👍

  • I've always thought an in-form Sanchez has the potential to be a PB beast. We haven't seen it on the index yet, and I wonder if we ever will sadly, but the potential is there.

    Too risky at the current price for me.

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