Don't Be Stubborn Scenarios!

  • (1) I almost bought him for £1.70 but he's over £3 now!
    If you think he's going to continue rising, don't be stubborn - buy him!

    (2) I sold him before and I regret it now.
    It's not too late to own him again. If you think he's going to continue rising, don't be stubborn - buy him!

    (3) But everyone points out that he never/rarely wins dividends...
    If you think he's going to provide considerable capital appreciation, don't be stubborn - buy him!

    (4) But he plays for my team's biggest rival...
    Understandable reluctance but if you think he is going to make you good money, don't be stubborn - buy him!

    (5) I just don't like him!
    But you like making money, capital appreciation and winning dividends, right? Don't be stubborn - buy him!

  • I have no problem with 4 or 5. Especially 4. I have been lay betting 10 euro against Sherbourne fc for over a decade now . I'd say overall with this 10 euro insurance policy I only pay 60% for my season ticket, up until this season that is, but 10 for me is a fee I would happily pay to see them win every match forever.

    1 and 2 I'm not on here long enough to encounter this problem so far.

  • Very sound advice @Boris999 , understand them all, and have to persuade myself sometimes not to fall into the trap myself. All fellow traders, please take heed, unless of course you dont want to make money!! 😀

  • @Boris999

    (6) He's in the red... but everyone keeps saying "You only lose, when you sell in the red" and "Be patient, you have 3 years"

    NO! You lose, when you tie up your money in a player even though you can see better opportunities. Don't be stubborn. Get him sold and buy the new one. So what if he'll come good in the end.... this new guy might come so good that you can buy your old player back before he rises, with your profits.

    (7) You've argued debated with some fine chap twat, like me at great lengths about a player that you believe in... but he's going completely the wrong way.

    Don't lose money to prove you were right to hold... Get him sold and put that money elsewhere.

  • Some good advice on here that I need to take on board. Especially 4 and 5.

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