Happy Accident

  • Anyone had a happy accident on here? I have bought a couple of ipd players with the idea of getting a small profit and then selling them and ended up keeping them and then making a decent profit from them.

  • Clicked buy max on VVD after the share split announcement rather than buy 100 and he went up about £1.

  • Searching for Luis Suarez on FI Scout. Couldn't find him due to the accent thingy over his surname. Searched Luis, found him but also Luis Alberto, bought both. Last week monitored about 19 players in my portfolio all day Sunday, many injured, some on bench, some under performed, some unlucky, very happy at end of day to win PB with Alberto who I had forgotten was playing.

  • Finding FI in the first place was a happy accident for me. Looking at alternative investment opportunities and thought it was too good to be true.

    17 months later and still love it.

  • Accidentally bought max Tielemans and then rose almost instantly by a decent amount. Gradually been drip selling him off back to what i originally wanted :D

  • Haha brilliant. It's nice to know what you are doing but it's even nicer to be lucky! Yeah I joined here by accident too just because I was going to get £30 cashback if I tried it!!!

  • If I hadn't switched from Radio 2 to Talk Sport whilst doing my daily dog walk I wouldn't be here!!

  • @Martyn-B same for me mate

  • Not so much a happy accident but as for how I ended up here, I was vaguely aware of it but with zero market experience I thought it probably wasnt for me. Bumped into an old mate and he said he was thinking about joining so that night I looked further into if and joined up. Now when I talk to him about it he starts snoring, he didnt bother joining in the end but if I hadnt bumped into him that day I probably wouldnt be here still

  • Watching the Villa Vs Birmingham match on the 12.30pm early kick off on a Sunday on Sky last November (I use that term loosely - it was basically just on as background noise) I can't even remember the score 🤔

    When the football index advert came on at half time. With the pink & blue "buy/sell" my first thoughts were that looks a bit like the "back/lay" on Betfair, so I had a quick look....

    Joined, deposited a measly £20 & bought James Forrest, Harry Kane & Romelu Lukaku - the rest is history! 👍💰

  • Obviously this is more a case of amazing skill than accident 🙄 but I had been pondering buying Atal for a while. Saw he was starting for Nice so spent my outstanding balance on 'buy max' just before the 2pm deadline and he went and smashed in a hat trick to get PB for the day.

    Held for about a week and sold to market for an amazing profit.

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