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  • @Pagey74 Im not really convincing , im just saying that its not just plain stats how you said earlier that you go for stats .. Thats why there always be really cheap players avaliable and then they will spike up like crazy , not saying that this guy will 100% , just saying whole picture .. Football is more then just goals and assists , its super deep ! Thats why i love it .. and trying to share bargains i find

  • @Nikitz71 Goals and assists along with PB scores are what effects players prices most of the time on the index. That is a fact. Traders want players earning them dividends whether it's PB's, IPD's etc. I've learned from my very short time on here players who have no decent history of them rarely do well.

    If Schopf goes through a purple patch and scores, assists or hits a high PB score then he'll do well but history doesn't suggest he will. I could give you a comparable player to Schopf who has Champions League football this season and is currently 9p cheaper. But like Schopf he rarely scores,assists or has a high PB average. That is why he's 21p.

  • Hes not going to rocket, unless something incredible happens and he gets lucky somehow. But a 10p or 20p rise seems about right to me when he gets a solid run of games under him. Be realistic on this one. Hes low for a reason, but that means that hes also low risk- I'm onboard!

  • @Pagey74 I tottaly agree with you , besides the fact that he indeed was showing flashes of goalscoring before getting thunderstruck by injuries !! 6 goals and 2 assists as a 21 year old in BL not bad stuff , and all i was saying that you cant write him off because of unlucky circumstances and 25р seemed like a great punt ..

  • I think there’s real potential for a nice little increase on him. Can’t see it being spectacular but a nice slow riser. I bought some yesterday and have topped up today.

  • @Nikitz71 where did you happen to bump into him?

  • @Dan-w i was just strolling around FI around 0.30р and lower , saw his age and that he is in PB league and got interested

  • Decided to jump in on Schopf too. Seems relatively cheap for a player in a decent team and PB league. Let's see where he takes us.

  • Up 4p per share in 5 days. I believe he played in a training game today against minor opposition.
    Need to find another one of these long term cheap bargains coming back from injury.

    Let's hope it comes to something.
    Good find @Nikitz71

  • Thank you lads , motivates me to do another deep deep research !

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