Long term Pogba holders

  • How’s everyone feeling?
    Thinking about topping up but would appreciate everyone’s views

  • When I get home from holiday and can trade again I will too up if he remains around current price.

  • @MJDubya how many you current got mate?

  • @Collymore10 I have 50 currently was going to stick some more cash in and sell my Pulisic futures and double up at that price.

  • This post is deleted!

  • He has dropped another 2p for me since i got up (i am currently 5 hours behind uk time). Upturn has to happen shortly, I have been patient since first jumping on him and he is my highest div returner since i joined in Feb..

  • I’ve doubled my holding from 25 to 50 and lowered my average price to £6.98, considering buying another 25 if he is the same price next week

  • Not buying more and definitely not selling either. Average price of four pounds. Happy with that.

  • I've got a few players in the sell queue, he's my likeliest top up when they go through.

  • He’ll be back. Hold.

  • Bought back in at 6.90. Looking at all the prospects I'm sitting on seeing what I can trim in my port and stick in the sell queue to continue topping up

    If FI drop a birthday bonus he's gonna go through the roof

  • Yeh I recently topped up and he's gone down further since, I may buy some more if I can afford it, fully expect him to rise significantly in the next few weeks. Dip is the injury, ipo, icardi fomo etc. Already talks of him liking a tweet about going to Madrid or something... Mb will settle down after this round of internationals and he should win his fair share.

    Rashford is another one who now looks great value... Couple of goals, another penalty debacle etc and he will be over £5

  • @Lukeroro what’s the chances?

  • Holding 500 and happy to hold. I am making a deposit on Friday and have other plans with where to spend that money, so sticking to my plan. Don't want to sell players at the moment as at these prices it is a good buying market, poor selling market. Pogba's price will recover and soar.

    September 21st is FI's 4th Birthday. In the past they have done a cash back bonus, with the current number of traders I suspect it will be a cash drop, spend £10 to enter, draw like when the season started and when they hit 100,000 traders.

  • @Collymore10 said in Long term Pogba holders:

    @Lukeroro what’s the chances?

    Of what? Birthday bonus? I'd say about 62% likely.

  • @Lukeroro nice

  • How low can Pogba go?

  • Much lower yet hopefully! I'm topping the hell up the moment he starts rising again, which will be soon. He'll finish the season between £7.50 and £8 for sure now hes defo going nowhere.

  • @Leighton I'm sure one or two were saying he'd be approaching between £7-8 when the window closed last weekend.
    Hasn't quite materialised that has it🤔

  • @Gazz127 nope it hasn't but he will rise. Even I'm surprised he hasn't risen. Until he does anybody who holds him enjoy the dividends he will provide. I'm sure soon he will shave his head like the French flag before France play in the qualifiers which will win him media.

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