• What is going on with the British parliament? It's like a Monthly pythons scene sometimes. Tonight they were all sniggering at each other and jeering. One feminist my stood up and declared "I won't be houted down at certainly not by a man" and no one was shouting her down?

    Then Boris Johnson gets up to make a speech and says (paraphrasing ) "if you vote a certain way tomorrow then we're having a general election" The way he said and his tone reminded me of a parent in a car of unruly kids saying "right, if you keep on messing around I'll turn this car around and we can all just go home"

    I don't really follow politics tbh and was watching this for the comedy and farcical nature of the whole thing. I'm not pro brexit or pro eu but this is turning into a joke. 3 years and they change their mind 3 or 4 times a day. 3 years and still they can't decide a definitive plan of action. And they are all sitting there making jokes of the whole situation.

  • I watched a few of the live parliament debates with old Theresa versus Corbyn a few months ago.. its ridiculous the way they carry on, it's like room full of screaming toddlers, I had to switch it off, very uncivilised, there is nothing worse than people continuously talking over one another... I did find the speaker guy amusing though, wonder how many times a day he says order 😆

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